Alien Invasion Slots

Want to get inspired, brighten up your day and hit some hot jackpots? Get ready to experience some high adventure with this brilliant and intriguing slot by WGS. You will get the exciting chance to meet the Tentacle Alien, Insect Alien and Sharp Tooth Alien. You can experience and enjoy some theme-related symbols, including Raygun, Spaceship, Planet, and Galaxy. With in total of 8 winning combinations Alien Invasion slot is also generously rewarding! Plus you will get to hit 3 types of crazy jackpots with the max value of 2000 coins. Make use of some amazing modern features of this slot and be ready to go through the experience with huge wins!


Inspired by classic sci-fi movies Alien Invasion framed by alien symbols full of exciting features and sound effects. With a classic retro graphic quality there are colourful modern animations which you are going to appreciate. The theme is set on a stark moonscape with a ringed Saturn-like planet in the background. The pay table is highlighted on the top center of the screen with the nicest effect of glowing winning combinations once you hit them! You will feel as if you are somewhere on an asteroid or in orbit of a ringed planet. It will be an exciting journey for you so set your mind on the win and hit the start!


Alien Invasion is an easy play classic 3 reel, 1 pay line slot. You can start enjoying this exciting slot from just $0.1 to the maximum of $30! You can bet 1, 2 or 3 coins at a time. You will get the opportunity to have great wins and hit insane jackpots by using some great features Alien Invasion offers. The maximum hot jackpot is 2000 coins!

Symbols and Features

Keep an eye on your wild symbol which is the Ray Gun for the top prize of $20,000! Ray Gun can double your win if you get it in any combination with winning symbols on your pay line while 3 wilds will get you the Jackpot.

Alien Invasion also has the Stop Spin option which you can use to stop the spin any time you wish. If you have a quick eye you may want to use this brilliant feature to increase your possibility to win!

While if you prefer a relaxed experience simply click on the Start spin and enjoy! Here there is a special Auto Play button for you which you can use to set the number of spins and bet amounts in advance to sit back and enjoy the show!


Alien Invasion offers some exciting jackpots. Unlike many other slots here you have the opportunity to hit a jackpot while betting any allowed number of coins. Just make sure you bet at maximum of $10. Check out the insane jackpots of Alien Invasion:

1. The highest jackpot is 2,000 coins or $20,000 for 3 Raygun if you bet 3 coins per line.

2. The second jackpot is 1,000 coins or $10,000 for 3 Raygun if you bet 2 coins per line.

3. The third highest jackpot is 500 coins or $5,000 for 3 Raygun if you bet 1 coin per line.


Check out the fabulous winning combinations of Alien Invasion:

⎯ 3x Blue Fighter which pays out 300 coins ⎯ 3x Galaxy which pays out 150 coins ⎯ 3x Ringed Planet which pays out 75 coins ⎯ 3x Octopus Alien which pays out 30 coins ⎯ 3x Mouth Alien which pays out 24 coins ⎯ 3x Tripod Alien which pays out 12 coins