Amanda Panda Slots

Casino slot software providers know better than to underestimate the real power of animal protagonists in the themed slot machine universes that they create. As with their important roles in entertainment formats like cartoons and films, our furry friends have also been at the center of attention in many games. In these games, they are often a source of comic relief, but they also prove to be brave and loyal adventurers that are willing to venture into potentially dangerous territories in order to find amazing treasures for their gaming masters.

Amanda Panda is one of those adventurous animal assistants. This bold and determined panda bear has the mindset of a fearless explorer, which makes her exactly the kind of companion that you need to have on your side if you're going to look for all the valuable treasures that can be found in the Amanda Panda Slots world.

How the Slot Machine Game Works

This interactive slot game is another beautifully designed and originally themed creation from Wager Gaming Technology (or WGS for those who prefer to use its abbreviated name). The official and full name of the slot is Amanda Panda and the Jackpot Journey. That is a proper title, because it is indeed a journey to play this game. In fact, it is a very fun journey, and it can be a very lucrative one as well if luck travels along with you on the treacherous trail to treasures.

Now that trail might be treacherous in terms of the environment that you will find yourself in when you play this slot, but not in terms of how you need to navigate it in order to get to the cash. The first two navigational markers are arrow shaped 'lines' keys that you can use. One arrow points down and the other one points up. You will use these two arrow buttons to determine the number of active pay-lines. Between 1 and 25 lines can be activated, and you should consider to active them all, because by doing so you will have a better chance of winning bigger profits.

The second navigational set of markers is formed by yet another pair of upwards and downwards pointing arrows. These keys can further determine the height of your bet and the outcome of a win. With the upwards pointing arrow, you can set the coin bet value to a maximum of $10.00, and you can click on the downwards pointing arrow to lower that value to a minimum of $0.01. These maximum and minimum coin values are pretty much the standard ones that WGS uses in many of its games, and they allow you to make bets according to your budget, no matter if that budget is big or small. However, just as with the pay-lines, you can of course make bigger profits if you play with high coin value bets.

These two mentioned game play adjustment options can be found at the bottom of the screen. There are however also some buttons positioned on the middle right side of the game screen. These buttons are named 'max bet', 'spin' and 'auto play'. With the 'spin' button, you can set the reels in motion, but you can also let the game perform the spins automatically for you, and for that you can make use of the helpful auto play function. And if you're playing with a big budget and you don't like to adjust your bets all the time as well, then you can just click on 'max bet'. The active pay-line number will then be set on 25, and the reels will immediately start to spin.

Besides the adjustment options, you can also see some helpful information on the screen. This information is given to you by the 'balance' meter, the 'bonus' display, the 'bet' value display and the 'win' value meter. Additionally, you can also click on 'view pay's'. A second screen will then open and show you game details such as the available symbols, their payouts and the game rules. With all this information at hand, you should be able to make some proper bets and spins, while you also know what kind of prizes you can expect to win when certain symbol combinations start to pop up on the screen.

A Look at the Most Profitable Game Symbols

You will make your profits with the help of symbol combinations. These combinations can be formed by a couple of themed icons and a few standard card game attributes. It will probably be no surprise to learn that Amanda Panda is one of the highest paying attributes on the paytable, because she is if course the character on which this game is focused. She is worth a wager value per win-line multiplier of 1000 if you spin her five times in a left to right combination.

She is however not the highest paying symbol in the game. That honor has been given to the wild attribute, which pays a jackpot reward of 1500 times the wager per win-line. This wild also acts as a symbol substitute icon in combinations, which proves to be useful when you want to turn your combinations into winners. However, keep in mind that the Amanda Panda scatter logo does not allow itself to be replaced. That does not makes it a useless icon though, because the scatter can trigger free games when it appears on the reels at least three times.

Go Into Adventure Mode With Amanda Panda

Are you ready to go on a great adventure with Amanda the panda? If you do, then you will not only experience the thrill of the journey, but also the thrill that is evoked by the knowledge that a big reward can hit your bankroll at any minute. And don't worry if you're in it for the adventure and the experience alone, because Amanda Panda Slots is also enjoyable when you play it with fun balance credits.