Big Time Slots

Big Time slots is a gangster-themed slot game with a difference. It promises to transport you to an immersive atmosphere of seedy crime, cops, robbery and all kinds of crimes. The 5-reels and 25 pay lines will enable you to place your bets and win significant payout victories! The cartoon style is very well designed and lends the slot game cinematic qualities. The gangsters can really pay out a considerable jackpot bonanza of 2,000 coins if you choose the lucky one to gamble on. But be very careful! The cops are hot on your t, and they are looking to thwart your efforts. The murky underworld awaits you if you dare to enter the seedy crime world, yet so rich rewards and prizes await you there. Let's take a close look at the seedy world of crime.

Big Time Wagering

The gangster-style betting is a splendid process, which is intuitively and easily controlled by the game buttons. The slot game serves up a standard layout. There are 5-reels and a solid 25 pay lines for you to wager on. The coin sizes provide all the spice and the variety of bets. They start from a modest 1 cent per coin. They rise as follows; $0.05, $0.25, $0.10, $0.50, $1, $5, and up to a maximum of $10 per coin, this will create a high betting limit of $250 a spin, while the betting starts from 1 cent. The paytable is very conveniently located on the screen, and it shows you all the winning combinations, the potential payouts and much more. It is well worth looking at before starting out on playing the game and wagering. Penny slot fans and high rollers alike can fully enjoy the beauty of this wonderful game, as the wagering supports both kinds of player.

Symbols and Payout Potential

The gaming symbols used in the slot are a lovable lot! There is a Bicyclist, the Car, some Cash, the Dog, a young Girl, the radio, a pair of Handcuffs, the Helicopter, a Phone, and the Pinata symbol, which all appear on the reels to provide the gaming action. There is also a Big Time game logo icon, which stands for the Scatter icon. The Homie icon is the Wild symbol of the game. The latter two possess those special powers and are able to really boost your potential winnings considerably when they land upon the reels. The Wild symbol can replace the other game symbols when it turns up on the reels of fortune. It thereby transforms them into winning configurations and high payouts. It cannot, however, replace the Scatter. Moreover, if the Wild symbol forms a part of a winning combination, it will pay out double! Landing all five of the Wilds will be rewarded with a high jackpot payout! If two Scatter icons land on the reels and form part of a winning pay line, then the payout could increase to a very high150x your amount wagered. Land three, or more of the Scatters, and the exciting bonus free spins game is activated.

Free Spins & Big Bonuses

Once the bonus round is activated with the help of the three Scatters, you will find yourself in a virtual garage. There you will need to repair up to four fast motor cars. Each successful task completed gains you a payment of 5 Free Spins. Once you have attempted to fix all five of the fast cars, you will be faced with one last motor car to fix. The result of the previous task determines the multiplier you are eventually awarded with the winning payouts, but it can really mount up. Once all this is done, the free spins round will commence. If you are into free spins, then this bonus round will most certainly satisfy your unquenching thirst!

Mobile Time

The mobile version of Big Time slots is smooth and pleasant to use. The qualities of the game are brought to the forefront, serving up unique and pleasurable gaming experience. The game has been optimised especially for mobile devices and works wonderfully on all modern day tablets and smartphones. The game is compatible with several operating systems including iOS, Android, and Windows versions. Furthermore, Big Time can be downloaded to the mobile device, and the PC/laptop. The alternative is to use the latest Flash technology-enabled Instant Play system. The latter allows players to just click on the game, and start playing immediately, without having to wait or download the game.

Big Conclusion

Big Time slots is a stylishly designed slot with an atmospheric theme that is perfect for a casino slot game. The game has lots of original features, such as the Wild, Scatter and Free Spins Bonus round, which is a welcome inclusion. The game icons are a joy to behold, as they pop up on the reels to create magical combinations that lead to winning payouts. The mobile version is just as manageable and easy to use as the PC version, adding another option for players, and the freedom to play at their leisure and convenience. The wagering rises to a high $250 per spin, while the penny wagering will please novices. The game provides players with an entertaining and lucrative gaming experience. Experience the magic of winning a jackpot in the Big Time!