Funky Chicken Slots

Are you living in the city and do you feel that is it time to reconnect with nature in the beautiful country side? Then leave your travel bags where they are because WGS (Wager Gaming Technology) brings the farm life right to you home based screen with Funky Chicken Slots.

This slot offers you a chance to make some fine cash wins with your reel spins. And not only will your spin your way to the bank with this game. but you will also laugh your way to it. And on top of that you are going to find some special Easter eggs bonuses that are spread around on the farm. So make sure that you spot them as well when you embark on this exciting farm themed slot reel journey.

Life on the Farm

Besides slot reel thrills, this spinning machine also brings you a healthy dose of humor. In fact, it is the hilarity of the game that makes it stand out in the huge market of slot machines. Some of the slot's symbols are especially comical, because the funky chicken and the quirky farmer have a cartoonish appeal.

These funny characters and the other symbols, together with the reels, are placed upon the backdrop of an appealing countryside landscape. On that landscape, the golden corn sticks its head about the green field, while the golden sun is just about to dive under it. The sun's last rays of the day color the sky purple and pink, and the only one who gets to enjoy this colorful and scenic view is the lonesome scarecrow in the field.

On the bottom of the screen, you can see the command bar with all its usual bet adjustment buttons and game info displays. Further spinning and betting actions can be executed with the other three game play buttons on the right side of the screen.

It Is Time to Harvest Your Rewards

This slot title works with a basic set of rules and easy to understand gameplay elements. Thus it is a suitable game for if you are a newcomer to the slot game world or if you just want to have an uncomplicated spinning experience. There are five reels that you need to make use of during your spinning sessions. Each of these reels will show you three symbols when a spin is finished. It is your task to combine symbols from different reels with each other so that they form combinations. These combinations need to land on active pay-lines from which there are 25 in total.

The 'lines' arrow lets you choose the number of pay-lines that need to be active during a spin. You can choose a number between 1 and 25. Keep in mind that you have more opportunities to win when you play with all the available lines. Besides being able to choose a preferred number of pay-lines, you can also adjust the value of your bets. Use the 'coin' arrow to choose an available value in the bet range of $0.01 to $10.00. Go for a low value when you're on a budget with your bankroll, or go wild the maximum coin amount if you love to play with and for the big bucks.

If that is the case, then you can also just hit the 'bet' max' button on the right side of the screen. This button automatically activates all the pay-lines and sets the reels in motion. And if you want to keep those reels spinning without having to activate them all the time, then you can click on the 'auto play' icon, which is also positioned on the right side of the screen. There, you will also see the conventional 'spin' button.

Once your bets are set and the reels start turning, you can sit back and let lady luck do her work. If you're bets are big, then she might reward you with some amazing cash prizes or perhaps even the game's fantastic jackpot reward. But don't worry if your bets are small, because even then you can still harvest some modest profits, which will come fresh from the slot reel field.

Produce Symbol Combinations on the Reels

Some of the symbols in this game you will recognize immediately as a frequent slot player, and others will surprise you. Since this is a farm theme, you can expect to see typical countryside elements such as for example the tractor, the farmer's house, the farmer himself and the crazy chicken that he keeps on his farm. It appears that this chicken also produced an egg symbol on the reels, and a scarecrow can also be found on them. The rest of the reel spots are occupied by common filler items like the A, the K and the Q.

All these symbols are your seeds, and you need to grow these seeds into fruitful combinations so that they can bring you great profits. The greatest profit of no less than 50000 the wager amount per pay-line can be obtained via a combination hit of five cornfield/scarecrow wild icons. Additionally, extra spins can be won with the help of the funky chicken scatter.

Grow the Biggest Cash Crops in Funky Chicken Slots

There has never been a better moment for a joyful trip to the countryside, because never has it been so profitable to walk among the crops, the scarecrows, the farmers and of course the chickens. You are welcome to enter their world via the Funky Chicken Slots game from WGS.

Thanks to this farm themed game, you don't even have to leave the house, because with just a few clicks, the countryside will be right there on you game screen. And once you set foot in the field, you can start to harvest those cash crops right away. And remember, some of these crops are really big, so make sure that you have enough farmer's wagons that can transport them to your bank account.