Go For Gold

Go for Gold Slots keeps it simple with a classic, Olympic sports themed set-up of three reels and 1 win-line. But that is not all that you get when you play this game. Despite its old school design, you do get to play around with modern slot features like the wild and the bonus round. Thus, this title is a suitable choice for both veteran and modern players.

Furthermore, where other 3 reel slots often do not pay that much, this game is able to let you walk away from the screen with a generous 2400 jackpot reward. All, in all, its developer Wager Gaming Technology (WGS) has succeeded in creating a simple and classic game that throws in some extra gambling spices with its special features.

No matter if you're an experienced or a new casino player, this game offers many hours of fun and possibly big bags of coins. Try it out today and see if you're able to succeed with your money making goals when you compete and go for the gold.

Special Features to Look out For

There are two special features that stand out in this game. The first one is the wild attribute. This is the symbol of a jumping man. In order to claim the best rewards with this wild, you need to make a maximum 3 credit bet. If you manage to place one wild into a winning symbol combination, then the given prize will be doubled. Two wild icons in a combination are even better, because then you will receive a 4 times multiplier on top of your winnings. Lastly, the jackpot prize of 2400 credits can be claimed when you manage to spin three wilds on the reels.

A torch is the second special feature that you will benefit from in this game as it will lead you to a bonus round. This bonus round can be triggered when you spin three torches on the reels during a three coin bet. Additionally, it can also be triggered when you spin one or two torches, and make the three symbol set complete with golden cup items. With the latter option, you not only launch the bonus round, but you will also receive the win for the golden cup hits.

Other Symbol Combinations on the Pay Table

For a detailed overview of all the other available symbols and the payout rewards for making combinations with these icons, you can study the pay table on top of the game screen. The pay table is divided into three rows, and it shows the combinations and accompanying prizes that can be made with one, two or three credit bets. The lowest prizes are being handed out if you play with just one coin.

As a player, you mostly need to collect three similar symbols on the game screen, but in a few cases, you can combine two separate slot reel attributes to trigger wins. Also, with the golden cup icon, it is sufficient to just spin it just one or two times on the reels in order to claim small prizes.

Besides the bonus triggering torch and the jumping man wild, you will get to make your winning combinations with non-feature symbols like the golden medal (highest paying non-feature attribute), bars (single, double and triple), and the golden cup icon with the green wreath that surrounds it.

The Only Way to Win Big Is if You Go for the Gold

If you're a fan of classic (WGS) slots that mix some modern elements into the game play, then Go for Gold Slots is a title that will certainly catch your interest. You have two ways of playing this game. The first option is to just spin the reels and make symbol combinations for the fun of it in a free mode version. However, if betting with real money is your thing, then you will find plenty of thrilling gambling action in the real mode version.

Whatever option you choose, Wager Gaming Technology does not let you down with this fun little game that will keep you entertained for many hours. So start to compete for Olympic Slot Reel Prizes and earn your medals in a classic slot reel setting. And remember, the only way to win big is if you aim for the gold.