King Tiger Slots

There is perhaps no animal as magnificent and beautiful as the mighty tiger. Therefore, it deserves to have its own tiger themed slot title. Thankfully, software developer Wager Gaming Technology (WGS) honored the big cat with its 5 reel and 25 pay-line slot title creation King Tiger Slots.

In this game, you can spin the tiger on the reels, but you should also try to place his animal friends on the screen, because lucrative cash rewards will then find their way to your bankroll. These animal friends are the bird, the deer, the buffalo and the elephant. All of these jungle inhabitants hand out great rewards if you spin them in combinations on the reels, but you will receive even more rewards if you also manage to trigger the available bonus features.

The bonuses in this game come in the form of a free games feature, which can be triggered with the help of the flower scatter icon, and the substitute symbol, which is the image of a tiger. Start your search for the animals and the flower, but don't book a real-life ticket to the jungle, because you can enter it right from the comfort of your own living room. The colorful jungle and its inhabitants will really come to life on your game screen. You will have a great time in the exotic domain of the king when you play King Tiger Slots.

Spin Symbols From the Jungle

While you are roaming around in this virtual slot game jungle, you should not only try to spot the animals that live there, but also the numbers and letters that are scattered around in the lush vegetation. These are the 9, the 10, the J, the Q, the K and the A. Try to spin these symbols in rows of three to five, because they will then hand out cash rewards. Spin the 9 or the 10 five times and you will receive a 100 times bet per win-line payout. Spin the J or the Q five times and the bet per win-line multiplier reward becomes 150. Additionally, you can also walk away with a 200 times bet per win-line multiplier, and that one is rewarded when you make combination hits that consist of either five times the letter K or five times the letter A.

These rewards are already worth it to go after, but the game starts to become really interesting when you also start to make combinations with the animal symbols that are displayed on its paytable. These symbols provide better cash rewards and they are more interesting to look at. The smallest animals have the lowest position on the food chain so they won't pay the top rewards. But a 500 bet per pay-line multiplier reward for five times the deer or five times the bird is still a worthwhile prize. The bigger the animal, the bigger the prize, so you most likely will be delighted to see that you can win a 1000 times multiplier reward in exchange for a symbol combination of five buffalo's. The biggest animal in the kingdom deserves the biggest reward, and that honor is being given to the always impressive elephant. The elephant in the room of this slot game is a huge 5000 bet per win-line multiplier reward.

Spin Special Symbols That Trigger Special Features

The tiger is of course already a very wild animal, but it becomes extra wild in this game. If you want to spot this beautiful creature in its natural habitat, then you should pay extra attention to the slot machine reels two, three and four, because there it will appear and act as a valuable substitute icon that is able to complete combinations so that you can lay claim to a win. There is however one symbol that the tiger is not able to replace and that icon is the flower scatter attribute.

The flower scatter symbol is connected to multiplier rewards as well, with 100 time the total stake being the highest reward for a combination of 5 flowers, and 2 times the total stake being the lowest for a set of two scatter hits. There is however more to gain when this symbol hits the reels. Try to make a combination of at least three flowers in order to launch the special free games feature.

When this feature is triggered, you will receive a total of ten free spins. Not only will you receive these free spins, but you will also benefit from a triple prize multiplier perk when they are active. With so much great scatter benefits at your disposal, you probably want to play the free games round over and over again. Luckily, that is possible, because you can retrigger the feature when free games are active.

The King Awaits Your Arrival

Go out there in the wild and meet the animals from the lush jungle, including the undisputed ruler of them all. King tiger welcomes you to his own special slot game that will take you deep into the heart of the jungle. Once you are there, it becomes time to get face to face with this mighty cat. And with a bit of luck, you will soon get to share in his wealth.

Is the tiger your favorite animal and are coins your favorite objects? Then this is the online slot machine game that you should play. King Tiger Slots can be found on casinos that work together with Wager Gaming Technology to entertain slot game enthusiasts. At these WGS powered casinos, you can play the game for free to test it or just to have a bit of non-money related fun, but you can of course also gather all your coins and start to place real cash bets on this jungle themed slot game. The king awaits your arrival, and he will reward you royally if you give him some screen time.