Magic Carpet Slots

Magic Carpet slots is a fantastic WGS Technology game with 5-reels and 25 pay lines. The overall theme is based on the tale of Aladdin and his magic Genie with lots of precious pots of gold and magical flying carpets. The slot has rather animated reel icons and some of them, such as the genie and the magic carpet, will all spring to life once you complete a winning payout combination. The slot game serves up simplistic slot spinning sounds, and the colourful reel symbols include gems like a Pot of Gold, the Magic Carpet and the beautiful Princess. You will also find symbols with high card values.

Magic Carpet Theme

The contrast of the starry dark night sky against the vibrant, bright colours of the spinning reels is also very impressive and effective. The creative animation of the Genie symbol and the Wild is a magic touch. It makes spinning and aiming for the bonus space a lot more exciting serving up some Genie laughs and flying sparks. The colourful illustrations of Aladdin and Jasmine leave nothing to the imagination as you would expect from the two main game characters. The overall game effect works very well with its atmospheric theme. Magic Carpet is a game that looks great and sounds terrific, just like a real fairy tale from Arabian Nights.

Scatter, Wild & Standard Symbols

The Scatter icon is the Magic Carpet symbol, and it is also the Bonus Symbol. The other power symbol is the Wild, represented by the Genie symbol. Besides the special symbols, you will find a set of regular game icons like Aladdin, the Genie, Magic Carpet, The majestic Palace, the valuable Pot of Gold and the beautiful Princess. Don't forget there are also high card values starting from number nine up to ace.

Jackpot Value & Payout

The largest jackpot provided by Magic Carpet slots is a high 4000 coins. Translated into money terms, that Euro's out to be $40,000. It can only be accessed by wagering on all the pay lines and is calculated at 4,000x your maximum bet per pay line. So it's $10 per coin, per pay line amounting to exactly $40,000. You can win the vast jackpot by landing all 5 of the Jackpot symbols upon an activated pay line. The game can even be played as a penny slot machine, so you don't have to bet maximum coin values to win the jackpot. With a wager of 1 cent per pay line, you can still win a jackpot prize of $40! Try and play with maximum pay lines activated so you won't miss out on any winning combinations that may pop in.

Wagering on the Magic Carpet

The coin sizes start at just 1 cent. All the other coin sizes are the following, $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $5, and $10 is to topmost coin value. The maximum wager is $250 per spin. As for gameplay Magic Carpet features 5-reels with 25 pay lines. The betting ranges from only 1 cent increasing exponentially to $10 per coin. The game is also a fun penny slot as well as a rather high-stakes, high-reward, and high-roller game. The palace icon and the Jasmine and Aladdin symbols offer the most impressive payouts and getting 5 similar symbols in a row will lead to a nice payout of some sort. The generic game symbols of numbers and letters are worth less than the character icons.

Magical Free Spins & Bonuses

Magic Carpet slots has a tremendous free-spins round. You can potentially win 5, 10 or 15 free spins if you land 3, 4 and 5 scatter icons respectively. Over and above the standard payouts, Magic Carpet features a few exceptional and entertaining bonus games. The first of these bonuses comes with the Genie character. Whenever spun, he will become the wild and substitute all the other standard symbols, which will increase the win potential massively. The more Genies that land on the reels, the higher the wins will be. Even the dullest spin can win you a fortune. He can only appear on lines 2, 3 and 4; nevertheless, the Genie does not replace for the second bonus icon, which is the magic carpet scatter bonus symbol. The magic carpet scatter bonus is where the fun really is in this game. When 3, 4 or 5 magic carpets appear consecutively, either from right to left or left to right, free spins are triggered. Your winnings are tripled during all the bonus rounds. Despite the scatter bonus not triggered easily, and it can be quite elusive to spin, nevertheless, when it does hit, it can configure huge wins. Landing only one magic carpet scatter bonus can really turn your losses into profitable winnings. Add to that the excitement of the game and you have a sure-fire winner in the palm of your hand.


The game attempts and succeeds in fusing familiar fairy tale elements with classic slot machine action. With such colourful, fairytale images of Aladdin and the magic, enchanted flying carpet, the game transports players right into the magical, whimsical world of Arabian Nights. It successfully combines the charm of this beloved ancient fairy tale with the magic of modern slot games. The overall theme is one of the game's strongest suits and everything in the game, starting from the central slot visual graphics to the exceptional sound effects as the game unfolds of the reels. The remarkable palace is reminiscent of the famous Taj Mahal and the background graphics that are surrounding the reels depict a dark and starry night with just a few hints of the magic carpet and the majestic palace. These images do an excellent job of framing the reels atmospherically with the overall theme of Arabian Nights. Magic Carpet Slots is a really fun game to play. The magical, whimsical theme is pretty nostalgic bringing back childhood memories of cartoons and fairy tales. The game is well presented with colourful graphics elements and bucket loads of fun and festive sound bites. The gameplay is kept traditional, yet the magic carpet scatter bonus game is fascinating and lucrative round. The ability to wager pennies, along with high stakes of $10 per coin and $250 per spin make the game a magnet for all types of players. WGS Technology has done an excellent job of infusing a 5-reel slot game with a colourful and amusing theme. The game will surely interest many players looking to capture the magic of Arabian Nights and classic fairy tales.