Monster Money

Over the years, scientist have made important and remarkable contributions to the world that we live in. However, in some cases, those scientists became mad during the process of making stunning new discoveries and inventions. Instead of making a positive contribution, a mad scientist can actually be a considerable threat to the world, and you are about to learn why when you start to play Monster Money Slots from online slot machine developer Wager Gaming Technology (WGS).

WGS drew inspiration from the famous Dr. Frankenstein story when it developed this seemingly eerie video slot title. In it, you will support the crazy scientist in his endeavors to control the monster that he has created. This might look like an unpleasant and creepy task at first, but there is money to be won during the process, so you do good not to pass on this task. Thus, it is important to learn a bit more about Monster Money Slots and its game play rules before you actually set foot into the wondrous lab. Science depends on it, and so does your casino bankroll.

Start Your Monster Money Slot Game Experiment

Despite its eerie theme, this game will actually make you laugh more than it will fright you. Humor is an important element of the game and its design. Thus, you will smile instead of shiver when the cartoonish atmosphere and the funny symbols draw you further into the game.

All the game play action takes place in a laboratory that belongs to the wacky professor. His laboratory is placed in a dark, dungeon like environment, and it boasts all the right scientist tools that can make weird monsters and big profits come to life. The five available slot reels fill up a big part of the screen, but at the bottom and at the right side, you will see various game/bet adjustment buttons. The symbols on the 5 reels need to be connected with each other on a total of 25 win-lines. Make the right connections on active win-lines and the results of your spinning experience will be positive and lucrative.

With help of the game and bet adjustment buttons, you will be able to decide your wager amount. Place big bets and activate high numbers of pay-lines to claim the biggest wins. And if you want to make the spinning process a bit more convenient, then you can use the auto-play (autopilot) and bet max buttons. Lastly, you can make use of the "view pays" button to see what symbol hits on the reels are worth in terms of cash prizes.

Electrify the Reels and Let Your Symbols Combinations Come to Life

On the pay table of this game, you will see a variety of funny, creepy and unique symbols that match perfectly with the crazy scientist theme. In most cases, you have to spin at least three similar symbols in order to claim the best prizes, and four or five simultaneous slot symbol hits will grant you even bigger rewards.

At the lowest end of the pay table, you will see the control panel and the screws, which are both good for 100 credits when you spin them 5 times. 5 monster feet and green potion attributes pay a little bit more as they are good for 150 credits. But the monster head and its hand are even better attributes to spin, because they come with a top prize of 200 credits.

Higher prizes can be won with rarer items. You will see less of them, but you will see more coins when they hit. The brain has a top prize of 300 credits, while the scared man with a torch grants you a maximum prize of 400 coins. Things become really interesting when you spin the monster on the screen and preferably 5 times, because they you will be the lucky winner of a 1500 credit prize. But you haven't seen the end of it with this prize, because the display of a city is matched with a top prize of 2000 credits.

And what to think of the very useful and lucrative symbol of the mad professor himself. This wacky man gives away a stunning 5000 credit prize if you spin him 5 times. Furthermore, he is also the substitute icon, which means that he is able to replace other symbols in order to make a combination complete. Keep in mind though, the professor is not able to replace an electrical rod, which is the scatter attribute in this game.

Find the Creep or Its Creator in Monster Money Feature

You will be delighted to see scattered electrical rods appear on the reels, because they will lead you towards the monster money feature. In order to launch this feature, you need to spin a total of three rods on the game screen. You will then be transferred to a haunted house. In this house of horrors and opportunities, you will see eight doors. Pick five doors and hope that a monster will reveal itself behind any of them, because they you will receive a gift. Try to locate the professor as well, because he triples monster money feature wins.

Win Monstrous Amounts of Money

While Monster Money Slots it is not the most stunning online slot machine game in terms of graphics and visuals, you will certainly be able to enjoy its cartoon styled designs, and especially if you like to see humor and horror elements while the reels are spinning. This game will give you that enjoyable mix, and it does it with a flair that you can expect from such an experienced slot title designer as Wager Gaming Technology. Visit a casino platform that supports games from this developer, and start to experiment with making money and creating monsters. In addition, if you prefer to start safely with your experiments, you can try the game for free on various slot title review sites.