Triple Rainbow 7's Slots

Triple Rainbow 7's Slots from online slot developer Wager Gaming Technologies (WGS) is one of the classic slot machine games in the company's extensive entertainment portfolio. As with most of the classic themed slots, this is a three reel game which lets you place symbol combinations on a single win-line. What makes it stand out from other classic slot is the amount of money that you can win when you hits its jackpot prize of no less 4000 times the bet. This jackpot reward can be won with the help of a wild icon.

Accumulate Wild Symbols to Win the Jackpot Prize

A fun and lucrative aspect that stands out in this game is the ability to spin the rainbow 7's wild symbol on the reels. Not only does this special icon takes on the role of the 4000 times bet multiplier jackpot supplier, but it can also enrich you with its three times prize multiplier. This bonus reward is being handed out when you spin one triple rainbow 7's wild in a winning combination, but it even turns into a nine times win multiplier if you manage to place a second one in such a combination. Thus, you can greatly increase the value of your bankroll if you're lucky enough to make winning hits with it.

However, keep in mind that win multipliers are only being handed out when you match the wild with other symbols in a combination. Single, double, or triple wild hits without the presence of a seven are not attached to win multiplier rewards, but they do come with bet multiplier gifts, such as for example the already mentioned maximum one of 4000, which can be won when you make a combination of three wilds.

Bet, Spin and Win

Since this online slot machine has just one pay-line and a very straightforward game screen, it will not be hard to understand how it works. Things are kept simple and thus you get to play with just a single coin or with two if you're a bit more daring. The attached bet values for these coins are $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, $5.00, $6.00, $7.00, $8.00, $9.00 and $10.00. This leaves you with enough options to choose a comfortable bet for your playing budget no matter if you're a high roller or a budget player.

However, the best rewards can of course be obtained when you play with the highest possible wagers. The value of your rewards also depends on how much coins you decide to play with. The top reward for a one coin bet is the 1500 multiplier, but that number it will be more than doubled if two coins play a role in your wager. The 4000 top multiplier reward will then be within reach, and you will also earn more with the remaining symbol combinations that are attached to lower payout results.

Lucky Number 7

If you're into lucky numbers, then you must certainly be in seventh heaven with this game, because its sole reel symbol is the number seven. This might look a bit lazy in terms of visual aspects, but it is at least it is positive to note that there are luckily some small variations between all those number sevens that will spin themselves into winning combinations on the reels. Mostly, symbol combinations payout when you form them with three matching reel attributes that are placed on the single win-line in the center of the reels. There are a few exceptions such as the single or double wild hits. However, you will only win small amounts of money when those hits occur (10 and 20 times bet multipliers), so it is always best to aim for three wilds in a row as this guarantees you either a multiplier reward of 1500 or 4000. Additionally, you can also make small pocket cash wins when you manage to spin three number 7 icons on the middle reel spots. The difference has to do with the colors of these 7 symbols. There are red ones, purple ones, blue ones, yellow ones and green ones. Spin these colors into a combination and you will receive multiplier rewards of either 10 with a 1 coin bet, or 20 with a 2 coin bet.

Combinations of three lucky 7's with an identical color will payout better rewards. These rewards are ranked according to the colors of the 7's. Three green ones give you either a reward that consists of 20 or 40 times the bet, three yellow ones hand out 25 or 50 multiplier gifts, three blue ones turn those number into 40 or 80, thee purple ones are good for an increase to 80 or 160, and three red ones grant you the top non-feature payout rewards of 150 or 300 times the bet.

A Slot Game as Straightforward as They Come

Triple Rainbow 7's Slots is as straightforward as they come in terms of game play and design. All the spinning action takes place on one simply designed game screen and, although slightly varying in its design, you only have to remember one symbol, which is the lucky number 7. Also, there are no second screen bonuses, the number of available payouts is limited and the rewards mostly have a low value.

Thus this is the perfect game for if you're only looking for a consistent small cash winning experience and do not so much value the entertainment factor. Because of the lack of special game elements, you can solely focus on the action and make a lot of spins in a short amount of time. This means that you also have more opportunities to win. Most of these times, those wins will be small, but they will make sure that your casino bankroll does not becomes depleted, and thus you can continue to spin until one of the game's jackpot rewards provides a satisfying return on your investment.