Ultimate 10x Wild Slots

Looking for a traditional and minimalistic slot with impressive jackpots? Want to play some good old retro style production for a change? Ultimate 10x Wild will give you just the experience you are looking for! 3-reel slot game with progressive jackpot and double-up gamble feature- now isn't this perfect?

Ultimate 10x Wild Slots made by Wager Gaming Technology is the second in WILD X series guaranteeing maximum excitement and great gaming experience due to numerous and extraordinary features. The classic design of the game features bright attractive colors and designs, traditional game symbols as well as flashy icons. Overall design is in the mold of a vintage classic slot machine.

Playing Ultimate 10x Wild is very easy. The rules are simple- getting the same three icons land on the reel, from the left of the reel to the right gives you a win! Your win amount will depend on the number of coins you bet. The wild symbol is 10x and if you get 2 wilds at the same time your winning multiplier will go sky high up to 100 times!

The online slot game is fully available for mobile use and is just as easy to enjoy on the small screen as they are to experience on a desktop. You can play Ultimate 10x Wild either online directly or download it to your computer or mobile device.

Symbols and Design

Ultimate 10x Wild Slots is a tasteful combination of traditional and contemporary symbols which all together give you the perfectly comfortable online experience to enjoy. Along with wild and exciting symbols you will find the classic dollar signs, juicy cherries and traditional bells. So if you are used to place bets on slots with classic signs you are going to be impressed by this incredibly tasteful combination of styles. Meanwhile a complete fascination by the game opportunities and crazy jackpots is guaranteed.


It is super easy to use the slot's interface so creating bets is a simple business on Ultimate 10x Wild Slots. In addition to the game being simple and pretty it is possible carry your betting experience whenever you like as it is available for smart device users! Ultimate 10X Wild is a 3 reels, 1 pay line progressive bonus slot. You can bet from just one cent to $5, with the maximum bet of $15 per spin. Choose to place your bets through single, double or triple credit buttons or just pull the crank to play with a single credit.

Now the best part- not only you have the chance to hit the progressive jackpot any time but you also can win anywhere from 10,000 credits for one coin bet, 20,000 credits for two coins bet, and the ultimate 30,000 credits for three coins bet! 1st credit will activate the Cherry and Bar symbols, 2nd will be Seven symbols and the 3rd will activate the Diamond and Wild symbols.

Also make use of the Auto Play button to play up to 500 games in advance! To start playing just choose:

1. Your Lines to be played 2. Your bet multiplier 3. Credits bet and Size of the bet 4. And SPIN!

Except for 10x wild symbol there is also the lucrative 3x wild symbol which will either pay you from triple to 9 times the amount you win depending how much you bet initially. And in case you land both 10x and 3x wild symbols together your payout multiplier will go 30 times higher!


Meet the wildest side of Ultimate 10x- must win progressive jackpot each time it hits $25,000.00!

Still wondering if you should play? Well check out this- in addition to the insane progressive jackpot you get:

⎯ 10 winning pay-line combinations ⎯ 2 wild symbols ⎯ One, two or three credit option ⎯ Double-or-nothing gamble feature to double your win

Game Combinations

The Ultimate 10x has 2 Wilds! Try your luck with these crazy combinations:

• One 3x Wild in a winning combination = Prize is multiplied by 3x • Two 3x Wild in a winning combination = Prize is multiplied by 9x • One 10x Wild in a winning combination = Prize is multiplied by 10x • Two 10x Wild in a winning combination = Prize is multiplied by 100x • Any combination of 3x Wild and 10x Wild = Prize is multiplied by 30x