Win A Million

Have you ever dreamed of how it would feel to suddenly win a million dollar prize? Imagine all the amazing things that you could do with that money, and then imagine some more about all the great things that you can buy with such a huge stack of cash at your disposal. Now, there are many places where you could try to win such a prize. But there is one particular slot machine on the internet that might provide the best answer to your big money needs.

When you decide to spin the reels of a game that is named Win a Million Slots, you must be doing something right in your efforts to become a millionaire. That slot machine is the product of popular game developer Wager Gaming Technology (WGS). This company always manages to deliver quality games that offer a lot of fun and, of course, a lot of great winning opportunities. Will you be the next player who manages to collect so many wins from this game that it will make you a millionaire? It will not be easy, but the time is right to beat the odds and become a big player.

Non-Feature Symbols With Unusually High Rewards

With a title like Win a Million Slots, you can expect to see a very generous pay table that displays prizes which are generally higher than most of their counterparts in other slot games. Click on the 'paytable' button on the bottom left side of the screen if you want to have a look for yourself at the payout amounts and at the rules of the game. You will see that there are a few special feature icons, but also a lot of non-feature symbols.

These non-feature attributes might not offer special perks, but they do manage to stack up your bank roll sufficiently if you place them on the game screen in the right order and in the right quantity. Five is the quantity that provides the real money magic as this is the number of hits that you need to make in order to claim the highest non-feature prizes. Aim for the symbols at the top of the pay table to make the biggest wins, and especially keep your eyes on the smiling man who receives a kiss from a girl. This man will put a smile on your face as well when you spin him 5 times, because he is good for a very rewarding prize of 5000 credits.

The man with the drink in his hand is also a must have on the reels, because he is attached to a top prize of 3000 credits. The next item is a display of a man who is sleeping on his pile of cash. Don't fall asleep yourself, and keep your eyes open for this logo, because it comes with a top prize of 2000 credits. Next in line is the gemstone, and even though it takes the 4th place on the payout screen, it is still good for a top prize of 1000 coins. The next logo is that of a safe, and you only have to remember the number 5 if you want to crack it open and grab the money. A 500 coin prize is your reward if you spin the maximum number of safes on the reels.

A pile of cash is the next item on display, and it offers you a 200 credit prize for 5 slot reel hits. Go a little bit lower in terms of rewards and you end up with the golden dollar sign. The highest prize for this item is 100 credits. Lastly, there is the coin sign, and this symbol can give you a maximum reward of only 50 credits.

Special Money Making Items on the Slot Reels

Besides the very profitable non-feature items, you are also treated to some special ones that have extra perks. For example, you should really make an effort to spin at least three cash stacked briefcases on the reels. If you manage to do so, a bonus round will become active, and then you have an ever better chance to win sweet rewards.

The second special item is a million dollar, golden globe sign. This logo is attached to a huge top cash reward, and it is not hard to guess how much the winning amount is if you spin this item 5 times. The odds are small, but if you manage to spin this logo 5 times on 5 pay-lines with 5 dollar bets, then it is certainly party time. A one million dollar prize will then find its way to your bank account.

But don't worry if those mentioned requirements seem a bit out of reach for you, because the million dollar sign has more to offer. You still receive a staggering 15.000 reward if you hit the logo 5 times on 5 lines, but with bets that are lower than 5 dollar. There is also a third high prize, which is rewarded when you hit the logo 5 times on 1 to 4 lines with any wager. Even then, a great reward of 10.000 credits will be yours for the taking.

It Is Your Turn to Win a Million Dollars

With so many amazing cash rewards on the table, it is hard to say no to a game like Win a Million Slots and its rewards. Now it is your turn to win a million so head over to a WGS powered casino platform and claim your profits until your reach that seven figure bankroll stack. And if you're not so much into gambling for big amounts of coins, then this game also makes sure that there are a million ways on which you can enjoy it for free. Every spin will provide thrills, entertainment and a lot of fun so have your fair share today, and start to live the high life of your dreams.