Atomic Jackpot Slots

Well, we're hoping for a big jackpot here, so are we correct in hoping that is the case? Vegas Technology has produced some cool games over time, so we are further hoping this is another one of those.

Are we going to find ourselves in a lab here, or maybe in outer space? Where does the atomic part of the title come into play?

Reels and paylines

This is a small game, built with three reels and a single line to bet on.

Coin values

You can't try this as a penny slot, since the smallest coin is set at 10 cents. You can go higher though, to reach the ten-dollar maximum. The game has also been designed to allow up to five coins to be wagered on the line.

Atomic Jackpot special symbols

Unusually, you get lots of icons here but just one that will lead to prizes. This is shown as a flask that has some tiny balls in it. Finding this in all three positions on the payline will award the jackpot. This will depend on how many coins you played, with 2,500 coins payable if you wagered that many on the line.

There are other icons as well, such as a mad professor - presumably the guy in charge of those flasks. But while there is a chance to win with a flask appearing anywhere, whether that is above, below, or on the line, you want to secure the jackpot if you can.

Atomic Jackpot bonus elements

The focus is on the flask when you play Atomic Jackpot. You won't find a wild here to help you secure wins, and there is no scatter in action either. You must find those flasks to get some prizes.

Looking for a thrilling slot experience with exciting jackpots? WGS has something special for you - a brilliant chemistry themed Atomic Jackpot Slot. You could have guessed that the theme of the slot has a real something to do with exciting atomic bombs. The story of Atomic jackpot slot revolves around a crazy genius professor who is cooking up a real special something in his laboratory. Obviously the symbols of the game are related with nuclear physics including also the mad professor himself. In addition to great thematic and insane graphics Atomic Jackpot has crazy top jackpot of $25.000 to offer! You will get to use some nice features of the game to make your thrilling experience even fun and exciting. With all of the excitement the game is made simple and with taste so you can just relax and enjoy!

Game Theme

Atomic Jackpot offers a thrilling story for you to experience. Follow the crazy genus professor to discover his new invention which can be as thrilling as an atomic bomb. The overall design is exciting yet minimalistic so there are no too many icons you will need to discover. The unique designs of Atomic Jackpot include atoms, beakers and the professor whose mysterious invention can be highly rewarding for you too. There are 2 winning combinations which are generously rewarding!


Atomic Jackpot is classic 3 reel and 1 pay line slot with a maximum bet of $50. You can bet from 1 to 5 coins per game starting from just $0.10. The game is super easy to play you just select how many coins you want to play at what value and hit Start to begin. As a simple and classic slot game Atomic Jackpot will not stress you with bonus games or extra animation features. Instead you will have amazing graphics and over the top sound effects which will inspire you!

Atomic Jackpot is a truly unique slot game with only one winning symbol which is the Atomic jar which will give you a win any time it appears. Each time you increase your bet amount you increase your bet you also increase the amount of your payout. If you land two Atomic jar symbols on the same reel you receive 1 payout when if you land the symbol in different reels you receive the higher payout!


You can use the Bet One option to set the bet each time OR make use of the Bet Max option which will allow you put a bet at maximum amount and aim on the top Jackpot of 2500 coins!

The game also offers the Stop Spin option which can help you increase your chances to win. You can stop the spin every time you please. This is a great feature for you if you are attentive and fast!

There is also the Auto Play option which you can use to reset up to 500 games to play automatically. You just decide on the number of spins and the amount to bet then hit the Auto Play!


The top jackpot of Atomic Jackpot Slot is worth 2,500 coins! You can hit it when you bet 5 coins and land three Atomic Beakers on the pay line. This will give you a total payout of $25,000!

And if you bet from 1 to 4 coins you still have the chance to hit a jackpot! If you bet 4 coins you get the chance to hit the jackpot of 2000 coins! While for 3 coins you can hit 1500, for 2 coins - 1000 and for just 1 coin in total of 500 coin jackpot!

Which one you would prefer to go with? In any case you have some sweet jackpot options to hit! Good luck!

Will you download the Atomic Jackpot slot to play now?

Well, this game is unlike many other three-reel versions we've seen. The most annoying thing is that you could get three matching symbols on the payline - the professor, for example - and yet that wouldn't win you anything. Can you do what is necessary to secure the jackpot prize? The odds will be long on that happening, but if you get lucky, this game could pay out more than you'd think. It all depends on what you want from a slot game, and whether this one will deliver.

Are you ready to watch for those flasks to appear?