Coconut Grove Slots

Fancy an exciting experience on a tropical paradise island where you can hit a 2,500 coin jackpot? Yes, it's possible! Coconut Grove Slots gives you all you desire. Beautiful graphics and timeless appeal of this slot will take you to the warmest islands where you are to experience the 3 reel slot with 1 pay line traditional slot with insane opportunities to have the sweetest wins. This game is super easy to play and is one of the earliest slots which were available online. For you to enjoy and appreciate Coconut Grove from WGS Technology is as tasty as an actual coconut. It gives a feeling of an actual beach atmosphere with tall palm trees in the background and a crystal clear blue sky. If you appreciate minimalistic and traditional slots which allow you to relax and look forward to the exciting jackpot Coconut Grove will be perfect for you. No need to bother getting into sophisticated features or bonuses. No stress no pressure. Just a chilled relaxed experience to enjoy. So just get into the tropical mood and start playing!


As a traditional slot Coconut Grove is as simple as an online game can be. The tasteful design passes relaxed tropical vibes to feel comfortable and warm. You will find yourself on a deserted island under the lovely sun, the comfortable shades of the palm trees and the numerous tasty hanging rewarding coconuts. The coconuts are not the only treasures of the game though. There are many more generous rewards hanging up on the trees. Try shaking those gorgeous palms and you will see lot of cash falling from them instead of exotic fruits. How perfect is that? Traditionalism is the key here so no need for Bonus Games, Scatters, or Wilds at this slot. Just enjoy the classics!

Even the sounds are simple and traditional and only a few symbols including the casino logo, sun, palm tree and coconut. The coconut is the only paying symbol in the game appearing both anywhere on the reels and in an active pay line.


What makes Coconut Grove different from many other similar slots is the maximum amount you can bet at a time. While many slots give you the opportunity to have a maximum bet of $30 with 3 possible coins to play in Coconut Grove you will be able to put up to $50 bet! Here up to 5 coins are allowed to be played each of which can be worth up to $10. When you play the maximum $50 wager you get the opportunity to win up to 2,500 coins, or $25,000 cash! The more you bet the bigger jackpot you can hit!


The Coconut Grove offers a nice jackpot of 2,500 coins that may be available with the maximum bet of $50. You can also hit the jackpots of 2000, 1500, 1000 and 500 coins by playing 4, 3, 2 or 1 coin accordingly! If you like it to play at max and hit the top jackpot you need to bet all 5 coins at the max value of in total $50! All you need to get is 3 jackpots on the pay line! You can also take is slower by betting only 3 coins from the available 5 and aim on the 2000 jackpot. In addition the game can be perfect for you if you prefer to take it really slow and safe. Betting as little as 1 coin at min value can get you a jackpot of $125!

And this is what makes Coconut Grove so perfect for all kinds of players. You can take it really slow and safe or bet at your max to hit the hottest jackpots while enjoying the relaxed theme and mood of the game! Simply select your mode and start enjoying! Good luck!