Blue Lagoon Slots

Looking for options to relax in paradise like sunny beaches? What about a sweet escape to the clearest blue lagoon? You will have the chance to get away from all your every-day routine to the sunny paradise full of greatest opportunities to win some serious cash while relaxing by the water. Blue Lagoon slots powered by top class WGS technology will keep you entertained for hours! The paradise theme of the game will make you forget about everything else taking you to the warmest and the most exotic places of the world. Amazing graphics and impressive effects along with exciting sounds and winning opportunities will leave you speechless! To make your experience as relaxed as possible the game is made in a classic simple way so you can concentrate only on your paradise like experience while making use of some useful features to hit the crazy jackpots Blue Lagoon has to offer. Prepare for your sweet escape- leave behind all the worries and start winning!


The overall theme of Blue Lagoon is the paradise like getaway place! There are many brilliant thematic symbols and colours which you will appreciate. You will see the peaceful ocean, amazingly beautiful waves, perfectly pure nature and you will definitely choose to stay there for a while! You can enjoy your sweet escape with some exciting opportunities and great jackpots which are so easy to get! The game was initially inspired by the famous movie with the same name. Just like in the movie you will get inspired by the beautiful pure nature and will forget about anything else. Treat yourself with this relaxing theme and aim on the top Jackpots!

Symbols and Gameplay

Playing the game is very easy. There are no extra features or complicated combinations to look for. Blue Lagoon Slots inspired by the same-named movie is a 3 reel 1 pay line classic slot with an exciting Top Jackpot of 2500 coins! There is also the second largest jackpot worth 2000 coins. You can bet starting from just 10 cents to $10. You can bet up to 5 coins per spin making the maximum bet of this game $50! There are 4 main beautiful thematic symbols including Starfish, Seahorse, Fish, and Shell. You have the wild symbol of Shell which is going to your favorite! Whenever you see the symbol you will have a win! Once you get all three seashells across the line on a max bet will get the highest jackpot of sweet 2500 coins! You can hit a jackpot even when you bet less coins. Weather you decide to start with less or go straight to the top opportunities you will get plenty of chances to get unbelievable returns on your bet.


The features of Blue Lagoon are really basic with no stress or destructions. Stay comfortable and relaxed and just enjoy some classic game in the paradise. No bonus games, free spins or complicated combinations. Overall Blue Lagoon slot will relax you with its graphics and great sound effects but at the same time it will offer a few good features to make sure you don't get bored too easily. You can make use of the Bet Max option which will set your bet to maximum automatically. Also make sure you keep an eye on the wild symbol and aim on the Top jackpots! With the game being so simple and relaxed these amazing payouts will make your experience more colorful!