Cash Cow Slots

Cash Cow Slots

Great fortunes can sometimes be discovered in unusual places. Did you think you need to go to Wall Street to make it big or that you have to go the local store to buy a lottery ticket? Well think again, because the following profits can be made on the farm of Cash Cow Slots from software developer Wager Gaming Technology (WGS).

Farms are usually places where many green things grow, and in this game you will see to the growth of a big green cash piles if luck is on your side. Harvest these cash piles and you will also see the color green in the faces of other cash farmers who will certainly envy you. It is time to make them all jealous so put on your rubber gloves and roll up those sleeves because there is work to be done. Keep in mind that you will not go out onto the field though, because the real cash cows can be found in the barn and they are waiting to be milked. Unfortunately, you cannot add their kind of milk to a well-deserved cup of coffee at the end of a workday, but you certainly won't complain when you will see what kind of sweet treat ends up on the cookie plate that comes with the coffee.

Cash Cow Slots revolves around a farm animal theme. The farm animals in question are cows, and these barnyard cows turn out to be very precious assets for any lucky cash farmer that is willing enough to milk them. You too can earn your farmer's fortune with them, and there are some other animals on the farm as well that will help you to make healthy profita. These fortune enhancing animals are all grazing on a 5 reel and 3 row casino slot machine screen that treats you to a mix of both classic and unusual game elements that will wake up the farmer in you. So get yourself ready for some serious cash farming action during a sunny and profitable day on the countryside.

Grow Your Greens With Farm Themed Symbols

By now, you already know that you will be transferred to a virtual farm when Cash Cow Slots appears on your screen. However, it is good to keep in mind that this is a special farm on which you can grow different kind of greens. When the doors of the barn open, you're introduced to all the farm related slot reel symbols. Around the barn, you can spot a couple of other country side related buildings. Return your focus on the slot reels and you will soon spot Jed the farmer and also his lovely daughter Daisy. Additionally, Daisy's boyfriend will also make his appearance on the reels and so do high playing card logos.

All these symbols need to be formed into combinations and these combinations need to land on active pay-lines. Luckily with an abundant number of pay-lines available, it will not be hard to land your symbol combinations on them. In most cases, these symbol combinations will provide regular wins, but there are also situations in which special bonus icons will grant you extra beneficial awards.

So all in all, you're certainly in for a really profitable set of treats when you decide to play this game. For example, this slot machine has not one but two reel icons that function as a scatter. A free spins producing cash cow is the first scatter you get to work with, and a harvest moon icon is the second one. You will be able to make juicy profits with these two scatters, but there are more special symbols that help you rake in those coins.

In addition to having two scatters, this slot title also treats you to two wild attributes. Wild number one is a basked full of pigs, and the second one is the creepy scarecrow that guards the field. And if that isn't enough money producing slot feature power already, you can also count on two bonus round symbols during all of your cash harvesting efforts. These bonus icons are the pick-em bonus milk jug and the kooky chicken feature logo. So you will certainly have your hands full as a profit growing spinner on this big cash producing farm.

Great Fortunes Can Be Made on the Farmyard

There are fortunes that need to be made on the farmyard and you can especially make them with the help of all the special features that this game has to offer. Instant cash prizes of no less than 600 credits can be won with the kooky chicken feature, and 2000 coins are the top reward when you participate in the pick-em bonus game. The random prize for the cash cow scatter feature can get as high as 12.500 coins. A scarecrow wild hands out a 2000 bet per pay-line multiplier during regular spins, but that multiplier number can reach 4000 during free spins sessions. Pigs in a basked are also wild, and therefore they replace symbols for you so that a winning combination can be formed. Lastly, great multiplier rewards can be won with the harvest moon super scatter icon.

Spin the Reels Until Profits Start to Sprout

There is a money producing farm out there in slot game land and you're able to locate it in many WGS powered casinos. Get to work once you've found it and don't stop until those profits start to sprout and you're able to reap the fruits from all your spins. Additionally, it might be satisfying enough for you to just enjoy the process of spinning the reels. In that case, you can open the free version of Cash Cow Slots and spin away for the sake of having some farm themed gaming fun. Whatever you decide to do, the animals on the farm await you and they are ready to give you a hell of a good time on the slot machine reels.