Coral Reef Slots

Wanna have some fun while hitting insane Jackpots? In the mood of diving deep into the water and explore forgotten treasures? You can have both at the same time with Coral Reef Slots by WGS! Go for it to explore this underwater themed brilliant slot which has great possibilities to hit some sweet wins. There are lot of mysteries for you to discover during your journey so get ready to be amazed and look for your favorite symbols which will give you the generous payouts! And this all will be thrown for you by lots of funny creations whom you can see on the remote parts of your screen! This is an amazing online experience full of wonderful graphics, smooth animations and fabulous theme. Greatest sound effects will pass you the nice spirit of the underwater theme while encouraging each of your win! The game is super easy to play with no extra features included. This experience is offered exclusively for you to have fun, enjoy and win! Lots of fun and exciting opportunities are guaranteed!

Symbols and Gameplay

Coral Reef is an insanely simple and easy to play slot full of amazing colourful symbols. The theme and selected colours of the slot will take you deep into the water and will show you the great mysterious opportunities you will be about to get. There are no complicated features or bonuses to distract you from enjoying the experience. You don't need to look for a wild symbol or extra bonus games. There are no free spins, extra symbols or complicated combinations. All nice and simple where you can just relax and enjoy the underwater experience. This is a chilled and fun experience where you can bet from as little as $0.1 to $10 with the opportunity to play 1, 2, 3 or 4 coins for each game. The maximum bet here will be the sweet $40 which can help you hit the top jackpot of 2000 coins!

While playing, you will come across Fish, Squid, Seven and Bars symbols. Once you form the winning combinations with your favorite symbols you get your generous payouts. There are 9 possible winning combinations you can land on your pay line! Look forward to landing 3 symbols on your active pay line to celebrate the great wins Coral Reef has to offer you!


To hit the top Jackpot of 2000 coins you will need to bet all of your 4 coins at their maximum values and land 3 Coral Reef symbols on an active payline! There is no wild symbol so the Coral Reef symbol will be your most favourite one to look forward to. Meanwhile it is also possible to hit other Jackpots if you are a low stake player. You can try your luck with the Jackpot even when you bet just 10 cents! In this case you will get the chance to hit a Jackpot of $50! In case you bet just $1 you can aim on getting the sweet 500 coins Jackpot. No limitations and everything is made for your convenience.


In addition to the great Jackpots there are other winning combinations you may want to look forward to. The colourful and fun symbols promise these amazing payouts when you land them on the active playline and bet on maximum values:

⎯ Coral Reef Logo will get you the Top Jackpot of maximum 2,000 coins ⎯ Red 7 symbols will get you maximum of 1,000 coins ⎯ Two Bar symbols will get you maximum of 800 coins ⎯ One Bar will get you maximum of 400 coins