Deposit Methods

Whether playing online or through a mobile device, the Lincoln casino offers players a wide selection of secure and direct deposit options that ensure the direct transfer of his funds in real time and also fully secure. Players should choose how they want to send funds to the casino in advance of the day that they want to start transferring in case they need to set up the transfer or open an account separately. Credit cards Visa, Mastercard and American Express do not need prior preparation and the player can choose this option for instant and direct transfer of funds at a minimum of $25. The crypto currency options offered that include Bitcoin and Litecoin require that the player first opens a wallet online and funds the wallet before he is able to send funds to the casino. Minimum deposits for using the crypto currency deposits is $45. And players can also make deposits using one of the third-party deposit options that include Neteller, Ecocard and Ukash. All of these require that the player first opens an account separately from the casino and funds it before he can send funds to the casino. Each option has its own minimum deposit requirements with Ukash requiring a minimum deposit of $100. Every transaction made at the casino is 100% secure and fully encrypted giving the player secure and direct access to his funds in real time and also the ability to concentrate on the games he is playing and not worry about anything else.