Green Meanies Slots

Blast off into deep space prizes and payouts when you enjoy a game of Green Meanies slots. This is a five reel and twenty-five pay lines game offering a wide range of bonus features and wager options. The coin values for this game can be as low as one cent each, or they can be as high as ten dollars a pop! With the twenty-five coin maximum wager on each spin, this can be a true penny slots experience, or it can even be a really high stakes wager too. Green Meanies slots game extends a nice assortment of bonus features to help players boost their winnings. These include a wild symbol, scatter icon, and a great respin feature as well. The wild icon of this game is the green meanie, and it appears only on reels two and four, but it can substitute itself for all other symbols, except for the scatter, in order to complete winning combinations. The wild symbol does have to actually strike the active pay line to qualify for the win, and only a single prize can be taken through the use of a wild symbol. When the wild symbol appears on reels two and four simultaneously, it triggers the bonus respin feature. This fills merely both reels two and four with wild symbols, locking them into place and then re-spins the remaining three reels a single time. This usually results in additional winnings thanks to the wild symbols across the reels. The scatter symbol for this game is the alien hostage, and it will also complete winning combinations on the screen as well. This symbol must appear at least two or more times to serve as a substitute and make the completion, but when it does the prize payout receives a significant boost as well through the application of a multiplier. The multiplier is determined by the total number of scatters received in the spin. For five the wager gets a one hundred times multiplier, for four it is a twenty times multiplier, for three it is a five times multiplier, and for two it is two times the wager. If you are really looking for a slot game that is entirely out of this world, then why not try your hand at playing the Green Meanies Slot game? Blast off into space and try to defeat the little green aliens and capture their riches beyond your wildest dreams. The Green Meanies slot game has everything an avid gamer will undoubtedly love. In addition to the most generous jackpots to be found in the game, this slot machine has something for almost everyone. Besides the 5,000 coin jackpot payout which you can gain if you get five one-eyed monsters on a pay line, there are some vibrant scatters, expanding wilds, and a bonus respin feature that surely will keep you entertained for sure. Fighting off the aliens has never been so much fun and rewarding at the same time.

Alien Betting Options & Features

The first thing that you should notice when you start playing Green Meanies slots is you will then have the option of making two critical adjustments to the wagers before spinning the reels of luck and destiny. The first is the coin amounts, and here you can toggle up or down to adjust them from as little as a penny per line, going all the way up to $10 per pay line. The next adjustment that you need to make is the line bet. Here you can play on as little as one line per spin or all the way up to the maximum of 25 pay lines. Hitting the maximum bet button will cause the game to operate at the $10 per pay line with all 25 pay lines in play, creating an incredibly high $250 on the pay line per spin if you are really feeling that lucky today. After you have determined your betting size, it is essential to familiarise yourself with all the special, unique and fun characters used within Green Meanies slots.

Meanie Symbols & Alien Payouts

The lowest paying symbols are the high-value playing card symbols. These range from Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten to Nine. Moving up the pay scale a bit you will encounter the fuzzy screen television, a ray gun, a purple planet and an evil looking one-eyed alien egg, similar to the one found in the Aliens movies. These game icons payout from as little as 100 coins for landing five matching symbols in a row, rising all the way up to 5,000 coins!

Magical Symbols from another World

The other two powerful symbols in the game happen to be most rewarding. The first is the screaming hostage icon, which is known as the scatter. Getting two, or more of these individual icons anywhere upon the screen will double your payout. Getting 3 will gift you 5 coins, 4 gifts you 20, and all 5 of the scatter symbols will pay you out 100 bonus coins. The unique feature about the Green Meanies slots game is that the scatter symbol does not actually trigger the bonus round at all, like in so many other slots. The second power symbol is the Green Meanies icon himself. This crazy little one-eyed alien will only turn up on reels 2 and 4 and will replace all the other game icons in the game except for the scatter symbol. During regular play, this symbol acts as the wild icon which can replace all the other game symbols and it pays out from the left to the right of your screen. It is when you manage to capture one on both reel 2 and reel 4 that the prominent bonus feature will be triggered and you will then be blasted off into outer space to face the Green Meanies slots respin feature.

Green Meanies Bonuses & Summary

When the Green Meanies respin feature is triggered, you will be transported to a new screen where the reels take on a new look. When you arrive at the bonus screen, you will notice you have generously been awarded 5 free spins. During this exciting bonus feature, the wilds on reels 2 and 4 will be expanding. This means they cover the entire reel from top to bottom, providing a more considerable amount of winning paylines and bigger chances to hit that jackpot. Once again the Green Meanie substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter symbol. After you have scored your bounty and head back to regular gameplay, there is one other feature of the game that will make it more enjoyable to play. The autoplay button allows you to choose from a predetermined amount of spins, allowing the game to spin the reels after each game rather than you need to sit close by and click the spin button time after time. The game will continue spinning automatically right up until you trigger the bonus feature or the amount you have chosen runs out.