Ja Man Slots

Ja Man Slots is a rather low key Jamaican slot game titled after the stereotypical accent. It contains little that actually looks all that Jamaican. It combines average graphics with a copied and pasted formula that manages to entertain because there hasn’t been anything Jamaican in media since Cool Runnings and that was mostly a John Candy movie, so we’re not sure that counts. We did thoroughly enjoy the time we spent with the game. It still manages to be fun despite that; however, we can recommend it for many reasons. If you are looking really for a slot game that pays and plays really well, then you can do much worse than Ja Man Slots. Head on and give it a spin!

Ja Man Theme

As you would guess, the theme of Ja Man Slots is fully Jamaican. They didn’t put all that much that is actually Jamaican; nevertheless, it is mostly on a beach with ethnic people and some trinkets. Maybe that is what Jamaica really looks like, we have never been there, but we very much doubt it. We think that the graphics of Ja Man are primarily satisfying and colourful enough. Everything is crisp, clear, bright, and compelling to look at, which makes your time spent playing all the more comfortable because of how easy they are on the eyes.

Mechanics & Gameplay

The gameplay in Ja Man Slots is pretty standard. With its 5 reels and 25 pay lines, it does not break the mould. It chooses instead to keep things classy in ways that we can respect. The bonus game was replaced by a Free Spins round, which we are really okay with as that is what most of them amount to anyway.

Betting Options

Betting ranges from a cent rising up to $10, making the game an accessible slot that anyone can jump into in the hope of winning a huge payout and without having to worry about breaking the bank in that process. The maximum bets are capped at $250, which is very high and will please high rollers. Beginners can use the penny wagering and keep things low. All the bets can be set using the game control buttons which are located conveniently at the bottom of your game screen, below the inner reels. You can set the bets, regulate the speed of the game and you have the AutoPlay function at your disposal. It enables you to set a fixed number of auro spins and relax while the reels spin their way to victory!

Mobile Man

The mobile version of the game is just as impressive and efficient as the PC version of the game. It has been optimised for perfect mobile play, whether you use a smartphone or a tablet. The slot may be played using the latest Flash technology enabled Instant Play mode, with no waiting required. You do have the option of downloading the slot game to your mobile divice though, so the choice is yours.

The Bottom Line

If you really want something off the beaten path and aren’t big on production values, Ja Man Slots was made for you. The bottom line is that Ja Man Slots is a low critical Jamaican slot that mostly stays fun because of decent payouts and time-tested gameplay mechanics. Unless you’ve been living on a beach your whole life, this game won’t blow you away, but it just may blow up your wallet if you play long enough. We recommend it but go in with tempered expectations. And, as always, let us know what you think!