Jungle King

Nature strives in the richly vegetated jungle, and you will also have a chance to strive and enrich yourself when you enter this marvelous place that is teaming with all kinds of exotic animals and plants. Thrilling betting experiences and big profits await you in the colorful environment of Jungle King Slots from slot title developer Wager Gaming Technology (WGS).

Spin a path through the lush vegetation and encounter butterflies, tigers and baboons on your adventurous path to richness. 25 win lines will guide you on your journey through the bushes. Grab hold of every line like a true Tarzan, and you will have no trouble with moving around on the reels and earning profits while you do so. But whatever you're goals are when you enter this exotic place, just make sure that you always follow the rules of the jungle, because that will be a guarantee that you receive the best results of all those spinning and exploration efforts.

Follow the Rules of the Jungle

Jungle King Slots has a setup of 25 win lines and 5 reels. Activate any number of win lines between 1 and 25, and form your winning symbol combinations on these lines. The pay table of the game shows how much you can win with certain combinations. Win line gains will be multiplied by the wager amount that you attach to every line. Only the highest pay-line win is being rewarded to you, but it is possible to collect wins from multiple active lines.

Furthermore, its is also possible to make scatter wins, and these profits will be multiplied by your total wager. The scatter wins will be combined with your pay-line gains. Besides from scatter gains, all of your wins are formed on active pay-lines. On these lines, you need to place symbol combinations that form a row from the left side of the reels to the right side of the reels. You can form your winning combinations with regular symbols, but you can also gain extra benefits via the help of special symbols like the scatter, the bonus icon and the wild.

Push the Right Buttons in Order to Benefit From the Best Results

In order to make the best out of your Jungle King Slots spinning sessions, you can make use of various game play buttons. For example, besides the regular spin button, you can also click on the bet max button to place the highest available bet, or you can push on auto play to put spins on autopilot. Furthermore, pay-line number adjustment buttons and bet value keys are also at your disposal. Lastly, if you want to have a look at what there is to gain in this game, then you can click on the pay table icon. The pay table will also explain some of the game rules to you.

The Jungle Boasts Many Lively Symbols

From all the available regular paying symbols in this game, the beautiful jungle tiger is the most profitable one. Hit this symbol 5 times on the reels and receive a great reward of 3750 casino credits. The second highest prize is being given away by another jungle animal. The baboon is ready to offer a maximum reward of 1500 credits for 5 slot reel hits. The green butterfly is also willing to give you a nice reward. 5 butterflies form a win of 500 credits.

The remaining symbols are regular card game attributes. The A and K are the highest paying ones. They reward you with a top prize of 300 credits. Then come the Q and J, which provide a maximum gift of 200 credits. Lastly, you will be able to spin the 10 and the 9 logos, which are connected to a maximum prize of 100 coins.

Big Chief Is Really Wild

A wild jungle environment is the perfect place to hunt for wild attributes. In this game, it means that you will have to find big chief. He will show his face on slot reels one and five. On these positions, he functions as a replacement icon for the other available game icons. However, he will not be able to replace the jungle scatter logo. Besides acting as a substitute attribute, this wild will also double your profits when it shows up at least once in a winning slot reel symbol combination.

Scatter Scenic Jungle Images on the Game Screen

What better way is there to relax than to be in touch with the beatifull elements of nature? The scatter icon depicts a scenic jungle environment that shows a river, plants and palm trees. This pleasant jungle picture can scatter itself all over the colorful slot machine reels, which gives you the opportunity to earn some extra benefits during spinning rounds.

What Awaits You in the Bonus Round

Receive between one and three bonus rounds when you simultaneously spin the big chief on any possible spot at slot reels one and five. During the bonus feature, nine jungle logos will be displayed, and you will also see a prize table. Then it is your task to make picks until you find at least three similar prize logos. Just like scatter profits, bonus feature gains will also be combined with you pay-lines prize stack.

Release Your Inner, Profit Making Tarzan in Jungle King Slots

Are you ready to go into the wild and score some lush profits? Always remember to keep your eyes and ears open, because the jungle is a place full of hidden treasures that slowly start to reveal themselves once you become familiar with the environment. In order to create that sense of familiarity, you are advised to play a few free test runs of this game. Once you feel at home in the jungle, you can release that inner Tarzan and start to swing around in search for real money wins. Jungle King Slots can be found on WGS games supporting gambling platforms.