Lucky Fruity 7's Slots

Some players cannot get enough of classic 3-reel slot machines, and the developers seem to be quenching their thirst for old-school 3-reel spinning. Lucky Fruity 7s is a prime example of a fantastic classic video slot game by WGS Gaming that takes you back to the casino experience and sits you down in front of a realistic, vintage 3-reel slot machine. The developers have put a mighty effort into re-creating a truly unique casino atmosphere. You will have plenty of realistic chances and experiences to enjoy while you are betting on those 3- reels.

Game On

As mentioned previously, Lucky Fruity 7s slots is one of those genuinely realistic slot games that does its best to capture and re-create a true, land-based casino experience and this particular game does an excellent job. The game screen is entirely focused on a single and realistic slot machine sitting right in the middle of a bustling casino. From the look of the machine, the brightly flashing square buttons and the lever on the side you can see a busy casino hall beyond the reels in the background. Lucky Fruity 7s slots counts on total immersion in order to lure prospective players to the game. Once you add vibrant and clear sound effects into the mix, the illusion will be complete. WGS Gaming has produced several other slot games with a similar look, so if you are a fan of theirs, then you will undoubtedly be in very familiar territory.

Rules of the Game

The basic rules of Lucky Fruity 7s slots are almost identical to the majority of slot 3-reel slot games on the current market. The game matrix and layout consists of a classic 3-reel setup with one single pay line, which is drawn horizontally and right in the middle of the game screen. You will need to ensure you land winning symbol combinations on the pay line to trigger cash prize payouts. You can use the command bar beneath the reels to adjust your settings, and you can then choose to bet anything between 1 and five coins on your subsequent spin. You can also select the value of each coin. The pay table located right above the reels light up to inform you what rewards you will win in accordance with your betting options. For added thrill and excitement that can lead to bigger and better wins down the line, try using the max bet button. The slot game will place the highest possible bet and give you a realistic chance of hitting the jackpot payout. You might want to speed up the whole process and make use of the convenient switch that activates the auto spin mode. If you choose the option, the reels will keep spinning on their own accord and place the same bet with each spin.

Sweet Symbols

The paytable of Lucky Fruity 7s slots contains a modest, yet satisfying selection of classic reel symbols. The winning combinations consist of landing three identical symbols adequately lined up on the reels. The slot screen is full of bright, vibrant and fruity colours; however, you will only find cherries and oranges used in the game. That’s not quite enough for a fruit salad, but sufficient enough to land you winning prizes of up to 250 times your triggering bet. The rest of the paytable menu contains a bar sign, which appears most frequently but pays out the least. The bell icon can be worth up to 500 times your bet with a 5-coin wager. The cherries, the oranges and the bar signs can combine together to form mixed winning combinations which can pay out up to 25 times your wager. A short selection, nevertheless Lucky Fruity 7s slots has kept a couple of tricks up its sleeves.

Wild Reels & Features

The game logo is the final, yet a more powerful symbol of Lucky Fruity 7s slots, and it behaves slightly differently from all the other icons. You will notice that on the pay table the logo combinations are the most valuable ones. They can pay out rewards of up to 5,000 times the triggering bet with a 5-coin wager. Therefore, you will just need a little luck, persistence and patience to win a large payout. The logo icon also stands in as the wild so it can include in any other combination to complete a win. Keep a proper lookout for that particular icon, as it might just be all that you will ever need to hit a significant win on the spinning reels of destiny.

Traditional & Classic

Retro slots are still extremely popular among many players, and Lucky Fruity 7s slots definitely belongs in the ‘popular’ category. That being said, the somewhat limited selection of reel icons is a bit of a let down if you compare the game to other similar games. The upside is that the symbols appear more frequently and so do the winning payouts, although a bit modest, they are still welcome. The potential big wins make up for that minor shortcoming, so why don’t you try out the game, pull the lever and give Lucky Fruity 7s slots a chance. It will serve up many more for you in return.