Luxury Liners Slots

Luxury Liners slots is a smooth seafaring game with only one pay line but with 3-reels. The game has a lot of redeeming characteristics most notably the exceptionally high jackpot which can pay out as much as $75,000! The slot game brings back fond memories of the famous 1970's TV show; The Love Boat. The similarities stop there, however, as Luxury Liners slots is a great casino game with lots of chances of winning a payout. The slot game needs to be downloaded as there is no Instant Play version. Nonetheless, it can easily be downloaded to your PC or laptop. There are only four game symbols that appear on the reels, and they are all Bars, Cherries, the Liner, and Sevens symbols, all classic and traditional game symbols.

Liner Betting

Luxury Liners Slot game offers a smooth flowing betting system that provides variety and range. The coin sizes differ with a total of three coins allowed on the one pay line. Coin sizes range from $0.10, and rise gradually as follows; $0.25, $0.50, $1, $5, to reach a maximum value of $10 for each coin. This means that the minimum bet is just $0.10, and the top limit rises to a very high amount of $30 per spin. That is made up of placing three coins on the single pay line. The betting is controlled by the intuitive game buttons located on the screen below the reels. They are all intuitive and self-explanatory. The useful AutoPlay button deserves a very special mention. It allows you the setting of a fixed amount of automatic spins, while players can sit back, relax and just watch the spinning reels as they inch closer to victory and a massive payout!

Pay Table & Symbol Payouts

Luxury Liners slots provides two pay tables that appear up on the screen. There are the lower paying symbols table and the higher paying symbols table. Both of them are very easily accessible at all times so players can keep themselves fully informed. The two lowest paying game icons are the Cherry symbol and the Bars symbol. The highest paying symbols include the double Bars, Triple Bars, the Casino Logo, the SuperSlots Logo, and the mighty 7s. With such classic game symbols, the slot has a retro look and feel which adds to the thematics and pleasure of betting on the slot game. The symbols are extraordinarily engaging and amusing adding a lot to the overall experience.

Jackpot Luxury

The jackpot that is incorporated into Luxury Liners is a lucrative and exciting one. It is won by getting all three Luxury Liners slots symbols on the reels. The exact payouts depend on the number of coins that you wager and their correct values. Nevertheless, it does pay out 2,500 coins. If you are betting maximum coins and amount, then the payout amount will be a cool $75,000! Betting the maximum limits increase the chances and the probabilities of winning that massive, tempting jackpot. A wager of just $0.10 will still earn a jackpot prize of $50! In each situation, the pot will add immeasurable value and boosted chances of winning. The jackpot and the topmost betting limit will surely attract high rollers. Nevertheless, novices can take full pleasure in the lower limit and still find happiness in the game, besides playing for a much more extended period and extending the entertainment.

Mobile Luxury

Luxury Liners has a wonderfully construed mobile version of this game, and it really delivers an exceptional experience. It has all the features and benefits of the desktop version yet has been modified for mobile gaming. It is compatible with most modern mobile devices including the most popular ones like iOS, Android and Windows devices and operating systems. The game can be played in Instant Play or downloaded to the PC or mobile device. The choice is yours. The graphics are faithfully displayed on the small screen, and the resolution and overall quality are optimum. Most modern-day mobile devices will recreate all the best qualities of the game.

Luxury Liners Verdict

Luxury Liners slots has quite a lot going for it. By keeping the betting straightforward, the process ends up being smooth and very easy to control. The game icons, although slightly limited in number, do pop up quite frequently on the reels, so there is a better possibility of more wins, albeit of a more modest nature. The theme is not too intrusive and complements the wagering process nicely. The slot game creates its own excitement and thrills and is very immersive and incredibly atmospheric, yet without all the usual frills and bombastic casino features. The jackpot is more than enough! It breeds anticipation and exudes excitement. Luxury Liners slots is a real slot at heart and a gem of a classic game that delivers on every level. Why not climb on board the luxury love boat of your dreams and let yourself fall in love with Luxury Liners slots. It can bring you massive rewards and excitement and is sure to thrill you with its high level and competitive nature. The game is full of exceptional gaming qualities. You can now enjoy the purest form of slot machine games on the market. Discover the magnificent beauty and the sheer enjoyment that Luxury Liners slots will serve up.