Marvelous Marlins Slots

Marvelous Marlins slots brings all the beauty of fishing to a casino game with an exciting 3-reel, one pay line slot. The game offers a traditional, classic and straightforward layout and straightforward wagering process. The overall theme is seeping in fish symbols, which sea creatures the starfishes getting in on the show! The game icons that do appear on the 5-reels are taken from under the sea and the atmospheric theme of fishing. To increase the excitement, you can place up to a maximum of 5 coins on the single pay line, thereby creating an acceptably high bet limit of $50 per spin Let's take a closer look at all the wonders of the underwater world of Marvelous Marlin's slots.

Betting Oceans

With a simple game layout, you can fully concentrate on the wagering. There are no cumbersome bonus rounds, neither are there any annoying free spins. The game just relies on its intrinsic qualities, and it still manages to create a rather exquisite wagering experience. The one pay line accommodates a total of five coins, with the coin sizes adding the variety. They start from as little as $0.10, riding thus $0.25, $0.50, $1, $5, to reach a maximum coin value of $10. Therefore, five coins of $10 each will make up a maximum bet of $50. The minimum is only $0.01 per spin, so the wagering can swings from one end of the spectrum to the other, one extreme to the other.

Symbols of the Deep

There are only a couple of game symbols that appear on the spinning reels during the game. That can be a positive development as it means they will end up landing more frequently and they will also pay out faster. The four gaming symbols are fish and include; the Blue Fish, the Green Fish, the Octopus, and the yellow SwordFish. The impressive Blue Marlin is the best paying symbol, so you should hope it lands upon the reels as it comes with a huge payout each time it appears!

Payouts are Marvelous

The paying Marlin icon can grant you healthy payouts when it landing on the reels. If it lands on the upper reel, the resulting payout for any bets of between one and five coins will be as follows; 9, 18, 27, 36 and 45 precious coins. If the Marlin icon lands on the inner reel, then the resulting payouts are as follows; 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15 beautiful coins. And if it falls on the lower coil, then it will give you payouts of 1, 2, 3, 4, and five valuable coins. There is bliss in simplicity, and there are no astronomical payouts or huge jackpots, neither is the top betting limit too extreme. This slot game can be the ideal vehicle to train for more significant and higher volatility casino slot games. Nonetheless, the payouts are pretty frequent, so that makes up for the loss of individual features or highish payouts.

Marlins on Mobile

There is a fully optimised and streamlined version of the game which works on most mobile devices of note. Both tablets and smartphones, whether iOS or Android versions are compatible with the game, and will faithfully reproduce the game graphics correctly. There are two options to play the game. The first is to download it to a mobile device or a PC. The other option is to use the latest technology provided by Flash called Instant Play, and this enables players to play the game without having to wait or download it.


Marvelous Marlins Slots conjures up images of old time slot machines, complete with sound effects of whirring reels, and other typical sounds. They do add a touch of authenticity and realism to the game. The rich marine blue and turquoise tones add a lovely effect, and the graphics stand out beautifully and majestically. The backdrop is typically fishy and atmospheric at the same time, with a tranquil and relaxing setting conducive to real wagering. That plaque showing the trophy Marlin located at the centre of the screen with the deep blue sea right beyond is a gripping and entertaining background beyond the reels. The game controls are suitably functional and easy to use and find being located right on the screen for super easy access. This game, Marvelous Marlins is a pure and entertaining slot game without the usual fanfare or gimmicks. Its heart is pure! The theme is wonderfully original and provides an atmospheric backdrop which is perfect for wagering. The betting options and limited special features are adequate and the mobile version of this game is a brilliantly crafted game providing top-notch quality with little waiting time to load up. The symbols, although limited in number do their job admirably and provide a degree of amusement and a high level of entertainment value. If you really want to experience the thrills of Marvelous Marlins slots, I suggest you go fishing.