Do you want your slot games extra hot and spicy? Then dip your wagers into the Mexican and Latin themed symbol mixture of Salsa Slots from casino entertainment developer Wager Gaming Technology (WGS). It boasts a full set of warm, spicy and very lucrative slot game elements that will make you want to dance and scream arriba arriba when they burst open like a piñata full of candy.

The Recipe for Your Salsa Slots Game Experience

On the menu is a rich salsa mix of commonly used online slot machine ingredients like bonus triggering scatters and the substitute wild, which certainly is the game's special ingredient because it has an extra spicy 5000 credit top prize. The slot elements are being presented on a 5 reel plate, while 25 pay-lines act as the binding substance for all the symbols.

It all depends on you how picante you want to make the wagers. In this game. You can place wagers that range from $0.01 to a maximum of $10.00. If you're on a budget or if you're new to slot games, then $0.01 bets combined with 25 active pay-line might be a good start. You're top bet would then only be $0.25.

However, if you're a high rolling veteran slot player who likes to go for the big wins, then you can take daring bets and place a maximum wager of $10.00 on 25 active pay-lines. By doing so, you will place a top bet of $250.00, and that can of course lead you to very big profits if the symbol combinations happen to cooperate. All in all, it is clear that his is a suitable game for bean counters and dare devils alike.

While playing, keep in mind that you need to form wins with symbol combination that are matched together in a left to right line on the reels. There is however a scattered green bean that bounces around on the reels, and this bean does not listen to the left to right rule. You can place it anywhere you want in order to trigger slot game perks.

A Very Hot Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in this game is hard to miss. It is a very noticeable red bean attribute that can make the temperatures rise due to the great benefits that it delivers. First of all, it does its job as a substitute, which means that it replaces other symbols on the reels. This can become very handy when you need to finish a combination but lack the right symbols to do so.

Furthermore, you will be able to finish your symbol combinations with these wild beans, but they will also come with a lovely prize multiplier if they are part of such combinations. However, keep in mind that red beans do not mix with green (scatter) beans. The green bean does not let itself be replaced by the wild icon. Lastly, the red bean really shows its money rewarding magic when you manage to spin it on the reels a total of five times. It will then sprout into a huge prize of no less than 5000 coins.

Benefit From the Magic Powers of a Green Bean

In this game, you greatly benefit from the magic powers of green bean scatter icons. Scatter beans are different from other symbol on the reels, because they do not have to be attached on pay-lines in order to form wins. The can be let loose on the game screen. All you need to do is make sure that you collect enough of them on the reels so that their benefits start to pay off. You should really aim to land at least three green beans on the screen, because then the special Salsa bonus feature will be activated.

The Salsa Slots Bonus Feature Makes Your Slot Game Experience Extra Spicy

As explained above, you only need three green scatter beans to add an extra dose of spiciness to your slot game experience. As soon as this triple bean hit occurs, you will be taken to a smaller, separate game in which three rounds will be rewarded. In the bonus feature, it is your task to match three identical symbols in order to claim a bonus prize. This prize is also multiplied according to the initial wager amount that triggered the bonus feature. You have three chances to benefit from these extra bonus perks so make them count.

Other Hot Latin and Salsa Related Items in the Game

When you think of salsa, it is easy to make a connection to the vibrant and warm Latin American culture. Besides being a picante sauce, salsa is also a dance form. Thus it is no surprise that you will also see a salsa dancing lady on the reels. Other Latin American elements are also present on the screen. For example, there is a man with a sombrero, and you will also see a donkey, an armadillo, a smiling sun, maracas, a bottle of tequila, a cactus and a guitar. All these slot symbols will make your Mexican/Latin themed slot reel party complete, and they will of course hand out many great profits if you spin them on the reels according to the pay table requirements.

Hit That Coin Filled Piñata

Salsa Slots is like a piñata full of amazing surprises, only instead of candy, you will be showered in coins when you make a good hit in this super-hot game. With its attractive top prize of 5000 coins and its warm visual appearance, this is certainly a slot machine that you want to look out for when you're scrolling through the game selection of a WGS powered casino. However, if you first want to cautiously taste how spicy this game is before you take a full bite, then it suits to give it a go on a free and fun test version on one of the various slot game review sites that occupy the web.