Tarot Treasure

Tarot Treasure Slots

Tarot Treasure Slots is a Wager Gaming Technology (WGS) powered slot title that will entertain you with a display of 5 slot reels and 25 pay-lines. These reels and pay-lines form the framework on which you place you winning symbol combinations. And with the appearance of symbols during spinning sessions, you will start to receive great game perks like a bonus feature, scatter wins, free games and featured wilds. Plus, on top of all that slot game delight, you will also be able to cash in on a fantastic jackpot prize of 10.000 credits. So make your way to those WGS online casinos immediately, because the symbols seem to be in your favor when you find this slot title in their game collections.

What Will the Bets Bring You

Will you be able to foresee the perfect coin wager amount when you play this WGS game? One thing is for sure: you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing the value of your coin bets. Start safe and budget friendly with a small bet of $0.01, or aim for the stars with a maximum coin value bet of $10.00. When you decide to take such a big bet, you can place a maximum wager of $250 when all of the 25 available pay-lines are activated. That might seem like a risky amount for a wager, but keep in mind that it can lead you to superb wins when you are bound to have fortunate spinning sessions on the slot reels.

Good Things Happen When the Wild Gypsy Woman Makes Her Appearance

Good things will happen to you when the gypsy woman makes her appearance on the slot reels. This is because she plays an important role in the game as the wild attribute, which means that she is able to replace other symbols that are less welcome in your slot symbol combinations. While looking out for her appearance, keep in mind that the wild gypsy lady only shows up on reels two, three and four, and that she will not replace any scatter wheels or bonus symbols for you.

The Scatter Wheel Turns the Money Making Odds in Your Favor

The scatter wheel also deserves to be mentioned, because it leads the way to a potentially fruitful free games feature. In order to trigger this feature, you have to make sure that the scatter wheel appears at least three times. If you happen to be so lucky, then you will be rewarded with 10 free games. And if that is not already a reason to get excited, then you will jump up even higher when you find out that all of the free spins rewards are being tripled.

Take a Look at the Pay Table to See Your Future Symbols Combination Fortunes

In this gypsy and tarot themed game, you do not need to possess a magic crystal ball in order to find out what the symbols have in store for you. One look at the game's pay table sheet is enough to discover that vast fortunes can be made if you line up the right symbols from the left side of the reels to the right side.

You already learned a bit about the symbols that reward you special benefits, but that does not mean that the normal ones leave you less fortunate. From all of the non-feature reel attributes in the game, you will gain the most from a combination of gypsy wagons. Actually, such a combination will make you very wealthy, and especially if you hit 5 gypsy wagons on the reels and on active pay-lines, because then you will be the lucky owner of 10.000 extra coins. And don't worry if you spin this jackpot symbol only 4 times, because then you still earn a juicy prize of 1000 credits.

Further down the line of the pay table, you will find the wise owl, and this white hunter of the night is actually not only wise but also very generous. 5 owls are good for a rewarding cash prize of 1500 credits. Additionally, you can also spin a deck of 5 valuable tarot cards. 500 credits is the highest prize matched to these cards. Furthermore, the red shiny stones, which appear to be gypsy jewelry pieces, will also hand out a 500 coins top reward in exchange for 5 lucky hits on the reels.

This game fills the remaining reels with regular card game icons in various colors. These icons are the ones that give you the best scores in card games, but in this slot title, they are actually in the lower prize rewarding segment. Make your best hits with the A or the K, because they pay off a maximum prize of 200 credits for 5 hits. Lower prizes can be won with the Q and the J, which both hand out no more than 200 credits. Lastly, if you're a little less lucky, you will end up with 5 10s or 9s and a top prize of 100 credits.

Will Luck Be on Your Side When You Play Tarot Treasure Slots

Gypsies can help you to foresee the future with their crystal balls and tarot wheels, and online slot machine games can make the future very fortunate for you with their slot reels, pay-lines, symbols and bonus perks. But what if you can combine the foreseeing abilities of the gypsies with the money making features of slot games? Tarot Treasure Slots mixes together two powerful elements that can be of great help to you in the near future.

Perhaps even as soon as possible, because when you see the rewards that can be won with this game, you will want to go search for WGS software supporting casinos immediately. Try tarot Treasure Slots today to claim your cash winnings, but don't hesitate to play a few free test rounds for fun if you're not yet sure about its money making powers.