Butterflies Slots

That is just what happens with this excellent Slot Game. Across the screen and around your stomach. The theme is not bad either. Rainbow colours, beautiful designs, graceful butterflies gliding around the screen. In what is a 5 Reel with 25 Pay Lines, Butterflies hit the spot. With stunning graphics and exciting Symbols, this Slot game is well positioned to appeal to all and satisfy every gamer's desires. Besides the red mushrooms, red amanita mushrooms, other symbols include, a caterpillar, two varieties of beautiful, azure butterflies, the scatter symbol is a colourful flower, and there is also the Butterfly’s house. The mobile version of this game is a cute and vibrant creation and sits admirably beside the PC version with its head held high. The graphics are particularly impressive and colourful, and the game is significantly enriched by them.

Butterfly Wagering & Game Controls

You can win a large 7,000 coins by getting five large butterflies in a row; the Jackpot. The smaller butterflies carry a respectable top prize of 3,000 coins. Values of the coins start at $0.10 to $10 per coin, with $250 maximum bet value; therefore the Jackpot of 7,000 coins is worth $70,000 and the 3,000 coins worth $30,000. Scatter wins can reach a maximum amount of $25,000. Not bad at all! The wagering process can easily be controlled by accessing the control buttons located at the base of the screen, beneath the spinning reels of fortune. The AutoPlay button is a convenient addition as you can effectively set hundreds of auto spins which will stop when a win is registered so you can enjoy the moment!

Symbols of Beauty

The Butterfly House Wild Symbol, which is also a Bonus feature can land on a reel and become animated, this will signal the start of the exemplary Bonus round. Other symbols change randomly into Wilds, and after payouts for this round, they will emerge from cocoons at random and land on other Reels. This creates potential Spin wins as the Reels where the Wilds lands becomes wild too, and this can lead to a potential Jackpot out of virtually nothing. These game symbols all combine well to create a visually satisfying and pleasing overall gaming experience. They are cute, animated and colourful which is just what the game needed.

Mobile Butterflies

The mobile version of Butterflies slots is really smooth and efficient. It loads up quickly, and the quality of graphics and sound are amazing. It can easily be downloaded to a PC or to your mobile devices, and it is fully compatible with iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. The game has been modified and optimised for a premium mobile gaming experience second to none! The game can easily be played using Flash technology with Instant Play. It allows you to access the game and play immediately without having to wait. You can also download the game to your mobile device or your PC, whichever is more suitable for you. The graphics are of the very highest quality, and they are brought right to the forefront when you use a tablet or a good quality smartphone.

Special Scatter Symbol

The Scatter Symbol is represented by the beautiful flower and getting two or more of them leads to Multipliers of your bets. This can potentially create great chances to win. So 2 Scatters will multiply by 2, three Scatters by 5 and four Scatters by 20 times! 5 is the Jackpot paying out 100 times the bet winning. The scatter is an excellent addition to the game and along with the jackpot is the most impressive feature of the game, aside from the Wild that is.


All in all, this game is a great addition to any repertoire of games and has the potential to become a true classic. It has all the features gamers expect, colourful graphics and good value betting with lots of Bonuses and Free games plus the excellent features. With a high top bet limit of $250 per spin, high rollers will adore the game. On the other hand, low rollers can play with bets of as little as a few cents to a small bankroll can last almost forever, especially if you keep winning! The symbols combine beautifully during the flow of the game, and the mobile version serves up an efficient and stylish design. The theme and character symbols are lovely and pleasing to the eye. Overall, this game really impresses on every level and in every aspect, from the wagering to the style, from the special features to the bonuses and free spins rounds, it is all right here. Enjoy the game, it has all the desirable features we all love, and the winning possibilities aren’t dangerous either! It is a highly recommended game, so give it and spin for yourself and let the all the butterflies fill your stomach with love and lucrative winnings.