Jurassic Slots

Did you enjoy the immensely popular blockbuster spectacle Jurassic Park when you were a kid? Then it is now the right moment to relive this adventurous tale of dinosaurs. It is time to take a huge step back into time until you land into the wild era of the dinosaurs. Jurassic Slots takes you to that ancient place, and lets you embark on a thrilling gambling adventure that will spread out over 5 slot reels. While you start to combine slot symbols in order to form winnings, you will not only encounter many species of dinosaurs, but also scatters, wilds, free games, bonus features and a killer top prize of 5000 credits.

This is a game for the true adventurer who has no time for ordinary slot game experiences and mundane rewards. A fantastic journey full of amazing rewards will begin when the game opens up its ancient world for you. And when you claim your winnings at the end of a great adventure, you can thank Wager Gaming Technology (WGS) for the experience. Because this company was so inventive to make the dinosaurs come back to life on a game screen.

Spin a Fierce Wild on the Screen

Who else than the fearsome but hugely popular T-Rex should have the honor of being the wild in this dinosaur invested slot title. This hungry monster of giant proportions will devour any other unlucky symbol that happens to cross its path. There are however two symbols that its stomach cannot handle. These two symbols are the jungle scatter and the bonus eggs. All the other symbols can be replaced by the T-Rex so that you can complete your combinations and claim the accompanying prizes.

Free Spins Can Be Found in the Scatter Jungle

In this game, the free spins evoking item is a display of the jungle with the word scatter written on it. As opposed to normal slot title symbols, the scatter icons do not have to be placed on activated win-lines. You can freely scatter them all over the screen. And while doing so, make sure that you place at least three of them on the reels, because then you will be rewarded with no less than ten free spins. Keep in mind that unlike many free spins sessions in other slot titles, you cannot win additional spins during this one.

Collect Eggs In Order To Launch The Bonus Round

It's an age old question: What came first? Was it the dinosaur or was it the egg. That question might stay unanswered for a long time, but in this game, it might do you some good to place the egg icons high on your priority list. Cherish the precious dinosaur eggs in this online slot machine, because they will lead you to an adventurous and potentially lucrative bonus round. Only a minimum number of three eggs on activated win-lines are needed to hedge this special bonus feature.

What Have the Other Remaining Symbols in Store for You

"Regular" symbols occupy the most spots on the reels. But just because they don't substitute or provide free spins and bonus rounds, it certainly does not mean that they are not worth to be spun. Take a look at the long-necked Brachiosaurus for example. This magnificent ancient animal is huge, but so are the prizes that it hands out to lucky spinners. If you're fortunate enough to spin it on the reels 5 times, you will be rewarded with a great jackpot prize of 5000 coins.

Furthermore, when you go out into the wild, a good jeep is a useful thing to have. This game has one, and it will come with a very rewarding top prize of 1500 credits. The third highest paying symbol is a creature that you must have feared while watching Jurassic Park. There is no need to fear it in this game though. You actually want to see it pop up as much as possible because the fiercely smart raptor is good for a maximum reward of 500 credits.

The fourth highest paying symbol is another famous dinosaur. This horned, ancient creature goes by the name of Triceratops, and it is also matched to a top reward of 500 coins. The next symbol in line is that of human. The girl with the gun is good for a top reward of 250 credits. Some of the other remaining symbols are a mosquito, a helicopter, and the pterodactyl. A lava spewing volcano is the lowest paying symbol with a top prize of 100 credits.

Enter the Domain of Dinosaurs and Claim Your Winnings

Jurassic Slots is an exciting slot title that gives you more than just a couple of wins and a standard game play experience. It is a game that takes you to a much more wild time when the world was still young, and when impressive dinosaurs roamed the earth. Now, anyone who has seen the movie Jurassic Park, knows that where there are dinosaurs, there is excitement but also danger. Luckily for you, the only possible danger is that you lose your coins during a bad bet. So sit back and relax, because you will safely experience all the thrills from behind a screen.

Make sure that you apply good spinning tactics to avoid any loses, and everything will work out fine or even better. Just remember to use your brain and mix all those previously obtained spinning skills with a bit of luck, because then you might walk out of the dinosaur domain with very large piles of money.

Search for Wager Gaming Technology powered casino platforms on the net if you want to play Jurassic Slots for real money. But don't worry if winning money is not your first concern. It could of course be that you first want to practice your skills in a fun and money free gambling session. Various game review sites and casinos let you play this dinosaur themed game for free.