Cool Bananas Slots

Are you not willing to use your valuable time on any monkey business when you're active at online casinos? Well perhaps you are willing to change your mind when you learn more about the game of Cool Bananas slots From WGS (Wager Gaming Technology), because this high stakes online slot machine revolves entirely around monkeys that can make you lots and lots of money. Good times could befall on you when you start to play this virtual slot game on WGS powered casino platforms.

The monkey in this game does no longer likes to stay in the jungle. He has found his way to the city, because the bananas in this urban environment prove to be much more delicious, and they even come with some ice cream. And that's not all, because they do not only provide nutritional values but also cash values.

So these are all the more reasons for the monkey to put its cool glasses and shirt on and take a city trip. You better follow him along on his journey because you too can score some delicious bananas and cash rewards in this quirky but engaging online slot machine. Read this review of the game and learn more about how you can make those cash scores happen when you play it.

The Cash Monkey Has Come to Town

When you first take a look at Cool Bananas Slots, it might seem as if it does not really represents a well-defined theme. It does however have a very pleasant and fun appearance with its colorful cartoon style design and its super cool main character, which is of course the monkey himself. On the background screen, you will see various high rise buildings, and a giant monkey is roaming around between them. It looks like he is on vacation because he wears a Hawaii shirt and super cool sunglasses. And being the cool monkey that he is, he also wears an earring.

He seems to have a good time enjoying the skyline from above the buildings, but he has something else to look at as well. In a classic King Kong style, he is accompanied by a distressed young lady who is trapped within his fist. The monkey is grinning and looks very relaxed, but a showdown might start to occur soon because some airplanes are approaching him. Now that you know a bit more about the visual appeal of this slot, it is time to discuss the available gameplay elements as well so that you know how to make profits with it.

How to Adjust Your Bets

Learning how to make profits with Cool Bananas Slots is not a very complex task since it has a fairly traditional setup that you will probably recognize immediately if you've played online slots before. Its game matrix consists of five moving reels, and on each of these reels you can place three attributes. The reels are crossed by pay-lines from which there are 25 in total. The game requires you to match the available symbols and the pay-lines with each other. Spin the reels to make combinations with the symbols and make sure that these combinations land on active pay-lines. You will then win a certain amount of cash, depending on what kind of combination you manage to spin, and on the bet settings that you play with.

Those bet settings can be adjusted with the help of the command bar, which you can spot beneath the reels. On this command bar, you will see two adjustable game options. One lets you activate between 1 and 25 pay-lines, and the other one lets you choose a bet value in the range of $0.01 and $10.00. On the right side of the screen, you will see a couple of command buttons as well. These are the 'auto play' button, the 'spin' button and the 'bet max' button. With auto play you can just let the game do the spinning for you. Determine the bet settings, hit it and let it repeat your bets until you stop the automated function. Use bet max to instantly play with all the win-lines activated, or just hit the spin button if you want to play a single game.

Keep in mind that this game is a suitable option for if you have only a small budget, but you can benefit the most from it if you play with high stakes. So whenever it is possible, try to activate as much win-lines as your budget can handle and don't forget to the increase the coin values as well. The wagers will then be more risky, but wait and see when you click on the 'pay table' button and discover the payouts that end up in your bankroll if you play high stakes games and bring some luck to the tables.

The highest payout on offer is being handed out by the cool monkey himself. The monkey is the wild and he delivers the jackpot prize, which is no less than 5000 times the staked amount per win-line if you spin a combination of five wilds. Other lucrative symbols are the banana, which is the free games rewarding scatter icon, and the blond lady, who delivers a top payout of 1000 times the bet per win-line.

It Is Time to Get Funky With the Monkey

It is time to get funky with the monkey and make some profits in Cool Bananas Slots. The big, banana loving animal has come to town to have a good time and make you rich. Don't let this opportunity pass by because it is a very cool one. This online slot can be found on a variety of WGS games offering casino platforms. On these platforms, you can choose to play it for free with a fun balance or you can throw your real coins on the table and make some big bets that hopefully will result in even bigger wins.