Jester's Jackpot Slots

Classic slot games are becoming more and more popular, and we are about to examine another addition to this large family. Jester's Jackpot is a fantastically designed slot game developed by Microgaming and focusing on essential gameplay elements, namely the exceptional graphics and special casino features. You are cordially invited to concentrate on the reels and enjoy some old-school, immersive casino atmosphere, with great graphics and simple game rules. If simplicity does not dissuade you, then you might want to take a close look at this game. To make entirely sure that you really know how to make the very best out of Jester's Jackpot slots, take a couple of minutes to read this full review of the game, inform yourself better, and you will be ready to take on the big challenge with even bigger payouts!

Classic Setup & Layout

Jester's Jackpot has classic and traditional layout consisting of 5-reel and 9 pay lines. The game is necessarily a classic and minimalistic slot game with very few details and entirely vintage graphics. The backdrop of the main game is light blue with several diamond-shaped motives along with the game's logo right in the foreground and adorned with the jester's hat. The rest of the screen is taken by the spinning reels of luck and the paytable which is situated on the right-hand side of the screen, while all the game control buttons are very conveniently located at the bottom of the game screen. Jester's Jackpot slots sticks to the fundamental gaming elements that really make a slot game worthy of a trial. It could be a bit of a turn off if you prefer confusing and bombastic slot games.

Wagering Jester

Many coin values can be used for wagering purposes. They start from just $0.01 per coin and rise incrementally as follows, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $5, and $10 is the max coin size. The max game bet is $90 per round. Jester's Jackpot slots is, unsurprisingly, also a very straightforward slot game to play and wager on. The Microgaming team has really made entirely sure that any player can get started and access the game within seconds, and they certainly have succeeded. The game matrix features only three reels and a single pay line situated right in the middle of the screen. Try to make sure your winning combinations of symbols land precisely on that single pay line and the awesome cash prizes associated with them could be yours. The size of any of your winnings will depend on the type of symbols involved on the pay line and reels and the amount of money you wagered. Do not forget to take a few moments to use the command bar located just below the reels before your place any new bets.

Buttons & Controls

The various game buttons that are available will let you set your wagers precisely to fit your overall game strategy. Remember that the more you wager, the larger your rewards will be. Keep well in mind that you could go all-out with just a simple click of your mouse on the useful bet max shortcut button and feature. This might sound like a daring move, and it does involve risks of course, but it will make the game more exciting and relaxing, especially if you are betting low.

Lucky Symbols of the Game

All the game icons used in Jester's Jackpot slots include all the following, Ace, Casino Logo, Jack, Jester, Jester's Hat, King, and Queen. There is a mixture of high card values and original character icons. The paytable is also filled with ultra classic and traditional style reel symbols, which are all very recognisable and instantly familiar to most online casino players. Tho sum up the list of classic symbols, you will discover the cherries, single bar signs, Jester's bar signs and also a Jester's hat. Combining any three-game symbols on the one pay line is generally the best way to win a sizeable cash prize payout; however, Jester's Jackpot slots also features a couple of different and more original ways to earn some extra payouts.

Payouts & Combos

The semi-original feature incorporated into the gameplay of Jester's Jackpot slots is the fact that some of the combinations are quite mixed and may contain more than one sort of symbol. For instance, the cherries could be mixed up with two other identical symbols or two different icons and still reward you with a modest and reasonable cash prize payout. The Bar signs used in the game may also be mixed up with other symbols and still award prizes of up to 15 times the value of your triggering wager. The winning payouts will depend on the number of coins you place on the pay line at the start of the spin, and you can bet one, two, or three coins on that pay line. The pay table will light up accordingly so you may keep an eye on the potential winning payouts you receive and can keep track of your current bet settings and wins.

Jester's Jackpot Summary

Concerning the payouts, Jester's Jackpot slots can rise as high as a 2400x your bet with a massive prize for a combination of Jester's Hats icons landing on the reels with all three coins included in your stake. This is not negligible; nevertheless, the gap between this hard-to-get winning payout combination and the other more common symbols combos is still quite reasonable and pretty generous.