Jester’s Wild Slots

There are tons of unique slot machine titles on the online market these days. However, despite their unique characteristics, many of them also share similarities. For instance, high card game symbols are often used as reel spot fillers in slot games. These symbols usually hand out low rewards in comparison to the themed symbols that reward the biggest prizes. Jester’s Wild Slots is quite unique in that aspect because its developer WGS (Wager Gaming Technology) has not only used the card items as just background fill-up symbols.

Instead of going for that option, the slot developer has decided to build a whole theme around these cards and the place where you can usually find and play them, which is of course the casino. Together with lots of fun non-feature slot reel payouts, this game also offers various special bonuses that will increase the excitement even more. This is your chance to finally get something more than just small wins out of card icons. So grab your coins and start to hit those Aces on the screen.

Take a Seat at the Table

Jester’s Wild Slots introduces you to its entertaining casino environment, because that is of course the best place to play games like cards, slots, dices and roulette. The game screen is the place where all the casino action occurs, because it is designed as a green velvet covered playing table. Satisfying graphics an animations create a great visual appearance and their effects are made even stronger because of the lively bright colors that are used for the game. So you will feel visually entertained by this slot directly from the moment that it opens up on the screen of your playing device, and then all the betting and spinning action has not even started yet.

Big Bets Can Lead to Big Wins

This slot machine game has an easy to understand set of rules so that you can directly make a head start with your spinning sessions. In total, you can spin 5 reels on which 15 symbols are placed. They are spread over 3 reel rows through which a maximum of 30 win-lines can cross. Successful symbol combinations have to take their position on activated win-lines so that valid payouts will be triggered and transferred to your bankroll.

Before you hit the spin button to win these payouts, you first have to go through the wager adjustment settings, and you have to decide on the number of active win-lines. The game adjustment bar is situated on the bottom of the screen. On it, you see the line adjustment option (1 to 30 win-lines) and the coin value adjustment option ($0.01, $0.02, $0.03, $0.04, $0.05, $0.10, $0.15, $0.20, $0.25, $0.50, $0.75, $1.00, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00 and $5.00).

After you've made the bet adjustment options that suits your bankroll, you can click on the spin button at the middle right side of the screen. Keep in mind that higher and riskier bets will lead to better win results if you hold the lucky cards during a spin. Above the spin button, you will also find an autoplay option, on which you can click if you prefer to spin the reels automatically.

Reel Symbols That Casino Fans Will Love

The reel symbols from this online slot machine game are all very recognizable for casino fans. They display various typical casino elements such as for example a roulette table and the highest logos from playing cards. On the reel spots, you will make the lowest wins with the 9, the 10, the Jack, the Queen and the King. Although the payouts for these symbols are low, they are still slightly better than in some of the other slot games that let you make combinations with the same kind of card logos.

However, the really big wins can be made with the remaining symbols on the paytable, which are the slot machine, the dice player, the roulette wheel and the majestic Ace. Keep in mind that because these symbols pay higher, they will also hit the reel spots less often so a greater amount of patience and luck is needed if you want to be successful with them. But don't give up on spinning those reels, because once you make a big hit, it could be the 5 times Ace with its fat 1000 times bet multiplier reward. Such a big prize can surely motivate you to keep spinning.

The non-feature icons of this game pay nicely, but add a bit of extra luck and you might find yourself holding the best hand on the table. Special winnings can be made with feature triggering symbols that make getting rich a lot easier. The Jester symbol plays its role as the wild icon that is able to replace other reel symbols. Additionally, the wild also hands out the amazing 4000 times bet multiplier prize.

Besides the wild icon, you can also spin a colorful bonus wheel on the slot reel spots. This wheel is the game's scatter icon. Land it on the reels in a quantity of three and you will launch the bonus feature. In this bonus round, you can win a maximum of 32 free spins and also a 6 times multiplier reward. During free spins sessions, you can re-trigger even more extra games.

Jester’s Wild Slots Is Your Ticket to Big Profits

Jester’s Wild Slots is your first class ticket to big cash profits. In a unique spinning environment, you get to make your profits with the help of casino themed symbols that not only provide thrills and coins, but also a lot fun. This game is very much capable of giving you a good time so try it out on any WGS casino that has it on offer. And don't forget to undertake a few free practice spins if you're not yet familiar with this slot game and want to learn a bit more about all its rules and perks.