Lucky Beans

Activate the reels of Lucky Beans Slots from slot title developer Wager Gaming Technology (WGS), and if luck is on your side, you will soon see wins that can reach to the clouds. This online slot machine has a theme that draws its inspiration from the very famous Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale.

It boasts 5 slot reels and 30 pay-lines on which you form your winning combinations. Furthermore, it is a portable device friendly game so as an avid gambler, you can have your share of fun with the classic story and claim winnings on any location. And with winnings that have the potential to grow and grow, it will certainly feel very good to have this game so close to you at any time.

Relive a Classic Fairy Tale Story in Your Favorite Online Casino

When it comes to English fairy tales, few are so well-loved and famous as the one of Jack and the Beanstalk. Other slot game developers picked up on the success of this story with games like Jack and The Beanstalk Slots, Giant's Gold Slots and Enchanted Beans Slots. WGS added Lucky Beans Slots to that list so now you have another great opportunity to relive the classic English story.

There is one difference however, because now you will get to enjoy it as an adult, and in an online casino instead of in a fairy tale book. That means you will get more than just a good story, since casinos tend to let you win money when you're lucky and skilled in spinning the reels. That is a double hit so go ahead and see how the adventurous Jack makes his way up the magic beanstalk and discovers the castle of a giant. Needless to say that Jack does not only plan an important role in the story, but also on the slot machine reels. As a wild attribute that is able to replace unwanted icons, he will make sure that your cash-winning symbol combinations are completed.

Other fun slot items and characters that connect with the Jack and the Beanstalk tale are the cruel giant, the golden egg laying goose, the treasure chest and the cow that accompanied Jack to the market. Additionally, you will of course also get to spin the special beans on the reels. These beans launch the bonus game when you spin them on the screen in the right quantity.

A Game Design That Will Take You Back to You Childhood Years

This WGS developed slot title stays true to the childhood appeal of the fairy tale, because its reels and symbols are presented in a cartoonish style. This means that it is not a game that shines because of its stunning visuals, but more because of its colorful and funny display. The designers of the game filled every spot of the screen with richly detailed elements of the story, and the vines from the beanstalk form a lush green frame that grows around the five available reels.

Play and Reach for the Sky

If you want to play this game on your favorite online casino platform, you do not have to sell any possessions in exchange for a few lucky beans that can grow your bankroll to great heights. Instead, you can start your very own fairy tale when you activate between 1 or 30 pay-lines and place a wager on each of your chosen lines.

Bets range from $0,01 to $5.00 so with 30 activated pay-lines that are matched to $5.00 bets, you will place a maximum wager of $150.00 on the table. Lower wagers are of course also possible, and that makes this game a suitable option for both high rollers and budget players alike. Keep in mind though, the highest wagers will reward you with the biggest prizes. So aim for the sky with your bets and make the best of your spinning sessions. These spinning sessions all start with a push on the spin button once you're done deciding how high the stakes will be.

Form Perfect Symbol Combinations so That Your Winnings Start to Sprout

Once the reels start rolling, the symbols start to form combinations, and from these combinations, your winnings will start to sprout. It is your task to turn these sprouts into big vines that reach incredible heights. Your best bet is to hit 5 wild Jacks on the reels, because then you will be rewarded with an amazing prize of 5000 credits. 5 lucky bean items are also a great hit, because they will hand out a 1000 credit reward.

The ugly giant is next in line with a still considerably high top prize of 500 credits. The goose is next and she will lay some serious golden eggs when you spin her 5 times. 5 gooses are good for a top prize of 400 credits. The golden chests really opens up when you spin its top prize of 300 credits, and the cow takes its role as cash cow serious when it gives you its biggest prize of 200 credits.

The remaining symbols are typical card game icons with special designs to make them more appealing. The A gives a maximum reward of 120 coins, while the K presents a maximum prize of 100 credits. 5 Q's will deliver 80 coins, and the lowest paying icon is the J, which is matched to a gift of 50 coins for 5 simultaneous slot reel hits.

This Is the Chance to Grow Your Casino Winnings

Lucky Beans Slots gives you a good chance to grow casino winnings. Grab that opportunity on any WGS powered casino platform that has included this Jack and the Beanstalk themed slot in its game collection. But don't hurry with wagering your money if you're new to the game and want to practice a bit first, because plenty of game review sites let you play it for free and for fun on their websites.