Livin' the Life

Are you ready to live the life of your dreams? Then you should pay a visit to your favorite, Wager Gaming Technology powered casino platform, because there you will find a slot title that has the ability to turn dreams into reality. This game goes by the name of Livin' the Life Slots, and it is available throughout the web. Try it today if you have a strong desire to turn your life upside down so that you will be able to enjoy all the pleasures that wealth has to offer.

Spin Teasing Symbols That Show What You Can Do With a Lot of Money

Even when you're still playing, you already get a taste of rich life pleasures, because the symbols on the reels are all little teasers of what can be done with a big bag of money. For example, there is a symbol of a man who walks on a retirement golf course, and one of a man who sits on a white sandy beach while he enjoys a cocktail.

Other available symbols are a girl who is singing, a man who is meditating while he sits cross-legged on a large pile of money, a man who throws dice at a casino, a girl who stands next to a red sports car, a vault that is filled with gold bars, and a man who is flying in a hot air balloon that also carries many bags of cash. Furthermore, the game also boasts a special bonus wheel that can make your bankroll grow significantly.

All these symbols can be collected on a frame that boasts five slot reels and three rows. Furthermore, this game has a huge number of pay-lines. Where most slot titles do not go further than 25 to 30 lines, this slot machine actually gives you no less than 40 of those lines. Thus, you will have many opportunities to collect great wins if you activate them all and place the right symbol combinations on them.

A Life of Wealthy Pleasures Awaits You

Do you often envy the rich because of the things that they are able to do and buy with their great fortunes? Then envy no more. You will now be able to catch a glimpse of what could be in store for you in online casinos. Many wealthy pleasures might soon be enjoyed by you when you're lucky on the reels of Livin' the Life Slots.

Hit the right symbol combinations on the screen and you will be well on your way to a very fortunate life. Play this captivating game on any WSG platform that supports it, and find out how much money you can make with it. Additionally, you can also give it a few free test spins if you're not yet familiar with the game or just want to play for fun. But whatever version of the game you choose to enjoy, good things are bound to happen if you play it smart and add in a bit of luck.