King Tut's Treasure Slots

The Tomb is where King Tut's mummified remains were first discovered, proving to be one of the most significant archaeological finds during the last century. The mystery continued to shroud the life of the Boy King, as he was known. So basing a slot around the legend of King Tut is a great idea and a welcome addition to the world of casinos. The game can boast of a straightforward layout and betting system based entirely around the 3-reels and the single pay line. Nonetheless, this creates a somewhat acceptable top betting limit of $30 per spin of the reels. The mobile version of the game complements the PC one beautifully, and the mobile gaming experience couldn't be better! One of the best slots to be released over recent years, King Tut's Treasure really delivers a satisfying casino gaming experience with plenty of gambling action.

King of Egypt The Power and the Glory

You will be offered a choice, to save Cleopatra jewels, or defeat the Asp to win the all the treasures of the Ra. The underground action takes place in the vibrant backdrop of King Tut's mysterious tomb, all flush with soft and pale colours. The design and the details of the game have all been meticulously crafted to provide you with a visually pleasing image beyond the reels. The slot game title comes up on the screen displayed in intricate detail and with immeasurable beauty. The overlying atmospheric theme is significantly enriched by the individual symbols that appear on the reels during gameplay.

Egyptian Charms & Symbols

The game icons used in King Tut's Treasure slots lnclude characters such as; a Camel, the Cross, the Palm Tree, a majestic Pharaoh, an impressive Pyramid, the Scarab and a Sphinx. There are numbers nine and ten, and beautifully crafted Jack, Queen, King and Ace card symbols. Other icons that pop up include the majestic Egyptian Eye, the Anubis, the rainbow scarab, the ancient vessel, a golden Ankh, and King Tut himself. These game symbols really enrich the gameplay with colour and mysticism while providing the ideal background for you to wager.

Pyramid Betting

The betting process is rather intuitive and quite easy to control thanks to the control game buttons which are located on the screen. Since there are only 3-reels and just one pay line, the variation of betting options stems from the coin values. A maximum of three coins may be wagered on the pay line. The coin sizes are $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $5 with $10being the highest coin size. The betting ranges from $0.10 a spin, rising to a higher $0.30 if you are betting all three of the coins. The top betting limit is a high $30 per spin, which consists of three coins at the max coin value of $10 per coin. The interface located at the base of the game screen contains the intuitive game control buttons. They include the coin/info button, a spins and auto play button in one. The lines button is there, the bet, the total bet/gamble, the bet max, the winnings, and finally the spin buttons. The AutoPlay feature is a convenient addition that permits you to set a fixed number of automatic spins.

Bonus Treasures and Cleopatra Jewel Bonus

The individual game icons used in King Tut's Treasure include the powerful Scatter, which is represented by the Pyramid icon. When three Scatters icons land on the spinning reels, you are on your way to the bonus game. The second powerful symbol is the Wild, here represented by the Eye of Ra symbol. It can replace the other game symbols apart from the Scatter. In doing so, it activates multiple winning combinations for you by replacing the other symbols. When Cleopatra Jewel Bonus Feature is triggered by the Scatters, you will automatically receive ten free games. The Yellow Jewel Games, as they are referred to, offer you a challenge of finding 15 precious jewels, or more if you can find them during the free spins round. They will take you to the next level, where more significant challenges and more magnificent and more bountiful prizes await you.

Mobile King Tut on Mobile

There is a fully streamlined and optimised mobile version of King Tut's Treasure Slot game. It works as efficiently and superbly as the PC desktop version. The graphics are vibrant, crystal clear and bright, while all the intrinsic qualities of the game are recreated faithfully on your tablet or smartphone. The game is fully compatible with all iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices as well as their respective operating systems. The slot can be enjoyed in Instant Play mode or downloaded to your mobile device or PC.


King Tut's Treasure is a treasure trove of high quality entertainment and extreme casino action. The betting process is super-smooth and easy to operate. The theme is a beauty, and the gaming symbols add that magic touch. While the top betting limit is not so high at $30 a spin, the slot game pays out farther more frequently than other slots, so the winning chances are increased. The mobile version of the slot game is a worthy addition as it allow you more freedom. All in all, King Tut's Treasure slots offers a vibrant and totally immersive gaming experience. Why not try out the magic of a Boy King's ancient tomb which contains hidden treasure beyond your wildest imagination.