Liberty 7's Slots

7x Lucky 7s is a fantastically designed 3-reel slot game with a high progressive jackpot and the useful double-up gamble feature. The current jackpot stands at an impressive $1,724.72. 7x Lucky 7s slots is the very first in the brand new WGS WILD X slots series. The 3-reel slot includes an exceptional progressive jackpot which is guaranteed to pay out as soon as it reaches the figure of $25,000.00! In addition to eight winning pay line combinations, the game features two Wilds, one, two or three coin betting options and that fantastic double up feature which offers the opportunity of doubling any winning payouts. There is also an extremely high paying progressive jackpot which can be won after each spin and with any wager. It is 100% random, yet, the closer it gets to $25,000 mark, which is the maximum, the better the likelihood that it will pay out the pot.

Wild Features

The 7x Lucky 7 icon is wild and will replace all the other game symbols to form a winning combination. If one Wild icon appears as part of a winning combination, that win will be multiplied by 7. If two Wild icons appear, also as a part of a winning combination, then the victorious payout is increased by 49.

Betting Options

You can select the coin values for the wagering by using the Up and Down control buttons. You can choose to bet from between $0.01 and $5 for each coin. Then select the number of credits you want to wager using the Up and Down buttons. You can then choose from one up to three credits on every pay line. The total amount to be staked is the Credits Bet value that is then multiplied by the Coin values. You can start playing the game by using the Spin Reels button and selecting the AutoPlay feature allows players to preset as many as 500 auto spins. You can also use the Bet Max control button to quickly set the number of coins staked to the maximum available. Then you can start the game at that same time. Once it ends, all winning combinations will be highlighted on the reels. Any resulting wins will be automatically paid into your account. To review all of the pay-table details, you can just click on the View More Pays button.

Double Up Gamble Feature

After any winning payouts, you can access the outstanding Gamble feature that could double your winning payout. It is an excellent feature for players who would like to turn small payouts into substantially larger winning payouts. 7x Lucky 7s slots offers you two distinct betting possibilities. They include changing the coin amount from 1 to 3 coins and also regulating the coin size from $0.01 to $5.00. The minimum wager is only one cent so any player, with any bankroll, can fully enjoy the slot.

Magical Multipliers

If you are a fan of for multipliers, then you will really love 7x Lucky 7s slot. The game features several multipliers up to a 49x! And this is not the only benefit 7x Lucky 7s slots offers. The game also features a massive progressive jackpot, wild symbols, and high payouts.

Symbols of the Game

7x Lucky 7s slots is fully loaded with different types of 7s and cherry symbols with varying payout amounts. The highest paying game icon is the 7x Lucky 7s symbol. It offers an astounding payout of 7,500x the bet if you manage to land three of the matching symbols. This game icon is the wild and will multiply any winning payouts that it forms part of. If you get a 7x multiplier for landing just one of the symbols, and a more generous 49x multiplier for landing two icons. In addition to the Wild game icon, there are some other high paying icons including three Red 7s, and that pays out 180x the bet. Three Purple 7s pays out 120 coins and landing three blue 7s gains a generous payout of 60x the bet.

High Progressive Jackpot

The game also features a grand progressive jackpot that pays out upon reaching the $25,000 mark. A tiny percentage is taken from each wager players make, bloating the pot until it reaches the high amount of $25,000. At that point, the lucky winner will be the player whose bet pushes the jackpot to its final payout point.


7x Lucky 7s is an excellent slot loaded with fantastic features that add exceptional entertainment value, not to mention the winning chances. There are multipliers worth up to 49x, also wild symbols, a considerable gamble option, as well as an exciting progressive jackpot that pays out up to $25,000. The pot and multipliers ensure players will always have a big chance to win huge prizes. With a 96% payback, players are assured of a fair chance and can expect to win frequently, yet modestly playing this rewarding slot. The game is also available on smartphones and tablets. It is fully compatible with Android, iOS, or Windows Phone devices so players can enjoy the forbidden pleasures of 7x Lucky 7s on the go!