Triple 10x Wild Slots

Some classic slot machines can be surprisingly dynamic despite their simple appearance. Triple 10x Wild Slots from software developer Wager Gaming Technology (WGS) is such a game. This is an online slot title that successfully blends classic design and game play elements with surprisingly lucrative multiplier and jackpot rewards that you would normally encounter in the more modern slot machine titles. These high rewards will make your spinning sessions very thrilling and fun.

So don't be deceived by the appearance of this game, because it will let you experience a casino rollercoaster ride in which the stakes can reach enormous heights. Stay on this page and read the complete review of this online slot title so that you learn how to take full advantage of all the benefits that it can offer you.

Have a Retro Gaming Experience

The charm of Triple 10x Wild Slots is its classic design, which might bring back memories from those good old days when you played machines like this in real life locations such as casinos and bars. While playing this title, you will be looking at a colorful screen with a retro machine displayed on it. There is also a second screen, which shows you the pay-table.

The three available reel spots are positioned in the middle of the main screen. Through them runs a single win line on which you need to place the symbol combinations that are displayed on the pay-table. Beneath the reels, you can see square shaped game adjustment buttons that help you to determine your wager and they activate your spins.

So the design of this game is simple, but it is also very efficient, clear and recognizable. Thus, there will be only a small learning curve when you set out to spin its reels. Within just a couple of spins, you can already be fully hooked to the game and see the wins appear. But before you make those potentially lucrative spins, you might want to read a bit more about how to get the all the betting and spinning action started with the help of the available game adjustment buttons.

How to Customize Your Wagers

Getting started with this game takes only a few minutes. There is not more to it than having to adjust the number of activated coins and their values, before you are ready to hit the spin button that turns the reels into motion. These adjustments can be made on the bottom of the main screen. There, you will see a command bar that provides you with seven buttons.

By adjusting the settings with the help of these buttons, you can affect the outcome of your spins. These spins will be visible at the center of the screen, because that is where the three available reels are positioned. The single pay-line is also clearly visible as it crosses the reels in the middle. This line will turn blue when a successful combination lands on it and a cash prize is triggered.

In terms of coin numbers, you have the options to play with one to three credits during every spin. Use the arrow-shaped plus and minus buttons, which are placed in the middle of the command bar, to determine the value of your activated coins. The coin values range from only $0.01 to no less than $10.00 so you will have plenty of options to choose from. Then, once you've made up your mind about the number of coins and their value, you can proceed to click on the spin button. The reels will then become active and hopefully your luck as well.

When your form your wager, it is good to keep in mind that the biggest profits are made with the most ambitious bets. One way to make your bets ambitious is by activating the 'play max' option as you will automatically place a three coin bet when you click on this button. And if you feel comfortable with the way your wager is shaped, then you can also click on 'auto play'. By doing so, you will no longer have to click on any buttons and activate the reels, because the game will do that automatically for you. You only have to adjust the wager settings once and then the game will be able to take over the spinning tasks from you.

Spin Symbols That Can Trigger Huge Wins

Most of the displayed symbols on the paytable of this game are very recognizable, because they have been used in many classic slots in the past. You can make winnings with the cherries, the single bar icons, the cash symbols, the bells and the sevens. The top of the pay-table is being occupied by the 3x wild icon and the 10x wild icon. With these wilds, you are able to hit a stunning score of no less than 30000. Remember that it is important that you play with three activated coins if you want to win this top reward. You can see exactly how much you can win when you play with one, two or three coins, because the pay-table is split up in a 1st credit, 2nd credit, and 3rd credit row.

Multiply Your Profits in a Classic Slot Game Setting

With Triple 10x Wild Slots, you will be able to multiply your profits in a classic slot game setting. Not only does this game let you win regular payouts, but it also enriches you with big jackpot wins and high multiplier rewards. Play this slot and benefit from a mix of simple to understand game play elements and great cash rewards. And if those cash rewards are not your thing, then you can just simply decide to play this game completely for free. It is all made possible for you on Wager Gaming Technology powered casino platforms that operate online. Join them today and start to play Triple 10x Wild Slots as well as many other WGS classics.