Malt Shop Memories Slots

Let's visit the retro Malt Shop of your past that will bring back vivid memories of pleasant times. The place for trendy and hip youths to meet, the Malt Shop was a social meeting venue for fun and entertainment. Just like this excellent slot game, Malt Shop Memories. It vividly captures the essential ingredients and brings them forth with this slot that is a delightful game, and just as fun as the Malt Shops of your past. The retro theme is loaded with engaging symbols that appear on the reels of glory and casino fortune. Malt Shop Memories slots allows older players to relive their youths and younger players will be able to get a sweet taste of the traditions from the past. This slot game has 3-reels and just one pay line. The wagering is uncluttered and straightforward making it a pleasurable experience to play the game. There is a Wild feature, and the wagering is opened up widely by the various coin amounts, with up to three coins that are allowed on the one pay line. There is the possibility of triggering the high paying jackpot of 2,000 coins, so the game really does offer multiple chances to win a payout.

Shop Symbols & Traditional Icons

The icons used in the game match the movie theme of Grease, which is the epitome of Malt Shops, as all the action in the movie takes place there. The icons are similarly influenced. Expect retro gems like classic Bar symbols in single, double and triple versions. There is a Car symbol, and a Cocktail/Milkshake, there is a Hamburger and Roller Skates symbol. The reel icons enrich the 1950s theme. The Milkshake symbol is the Wild of the game. When it ends up on the reels, it will increase the wins with multipliers, replaces the other symbols to create gains and extremely lucrative payouts. The pay table will show you the exact payouts of each and every logo. Generally speaking, the ones to the left of the pay table are the low paying symbols, starting with payouts of 30 coins. On the right-hand side of the screen, you will find the high paying icons, which reach a top vale payout of 2,000 coins.

Malt Shop Betting

The wagering process is a streamlined and easy to operate system. There is only the one pay line; however, the coin values vary sufficiently to create a lavish choice of bet options. Staring from just 10 cents per coin, the coin values rise incrementally to a maximum amount of $10 each. Players may place up to three coins upon that pay line, thereby creating a max game bet limit of $30 per spin. The broad range is enticing enough to be of interest to many players with many different bankrolls, although high-rollers might just prefer a bit of a higher limit, nevertheless, the game pays out rather frequently to make up for it!

Feature Wild

Malt Shop Memories Wild symbol is the powerful one, seeing as it replaces other icons to create additional wins. It adds a 2x multiplier to any of the winning lines it forms a part of. There are no other unique features, although the Jackpot of 2,000 coins is rather exciting and can amount to a tidy payout of $60,000 if you are wagering all three coins on the pay line at once. The prize pays out at a percentage of the full amount if you choose to bet two or one coin. Betting all three of the coins at the max coin value increases the probabilities and the overall chances of winning the jackpot, so it is worth keeping that in mind.

Mobile Game

The mobile version of this game has been effectively optimised and modified for exceptional mobile gaming. All the beautiful attributes of the game are evident on the mobile version. It may be downloaded to your mobile device or desktop, and alternatively, you can opt to play using the latest, Flash technology-enabled Instant Play mode with no waiting or to download necessary.


Malt Shop Memories is a likeable and exciting game with an easily controllable wagering system. The theme is not too intrusive, and the game symbols really do add vibrant colour and extreme excitement to the overall gameplay. The betting options are satisfying, especially for novices, but also medium to high-rollers. The slot game does not have that many unique functions, although it does boast of a mighty Wild and a high paying Jackpot. The slot game is kept simple overall, and it is very intuitive to control and operate. This creates a satisfying and pleasurable casino gaming experience. Enter the Malt Shop and relive the memories of your past! It can change your day with a most welcome reward. Why not enter the shop?