Mermaid's Quest

Dive into the extraordinary underwater world of Mermaid's Quest Slots, and try your luck at its five slot reels while you make profitable symbol combinations on one to nine win-lines. Take a look at the pay table to check what these combinations can offer you in terms of winnings. But don't worry that those winnings will be low, because this game comes out of the Wager Gaming Technology (WGS) stall. This prominent casino game software developer has always proven its worth when it comes to giving you good profits, and a whole lot of fun as well.

Reap the fruits from the sea and marvel at the underwater world that has so much more extraordinary things to offer than most people know about. Now, you are one of the lucky players that is about to find out what all those extraordinary things might be. Profits and mermaids are just two of those elements, because you will also encounter bonus rounds, wilds, scatter multiplier rewards, free spins and a really huge top prize of 10.000 coins.

Great Wild Profits Can Be Found at the Bottom of the Ocean

The wild is the icon that can deliver you that amazing 10.000 coins reward when you spin it on the slot reels a total of 5 times. This amazing symbol comes in the form of a sunken treasure chest. Besides handing you good prizes, it also performs a great service as the game's substitute icon. This means that it will replace any symbols that you do not need for your winning combinations.

Gather up Those Mermaids Because They Lead You to the Bonus Round

Mermaids are a pretty and extraordinary sight on any occasion, but in this online slot machine game, their appearance is even more special. This is because these pretty ladies of the sea will lead you to the bonus round. Spot at least three mermaids on the reels and on activated win-lines, and the bonus round will launch on your screen.

The Mighty King Neptune Is in Charge of Your Scatter Perks

The mighty king of the sea is in charge of your scatter profits and free spins in this slot machine game. Try to collect at least three King Neptune icons on the reels, because then you will be the lucky receiver of no less than ten free spins. During these free spins sessions, you can win even more complimentary games, so you can dive really deep in those free of charge rewards. Also, all of your free spins wins will be doubled so grab that amazing opportunity to fill up your treasure chest.

Other Treasures That Are Hidden in the Ocean

The deep and mysterious ocean holds more extraordinary elements than just mermaids, kings and treasure chests. A bunch of exotic sea creatures make sure that your pockets are properly filled when you spin them on the reels. From these symbols the pearl in the shell is the highest paying one. It comes with a top reward of 500 credits. You will also receive a high reward from the clownfish. This orange colored creature of the sea hands out a maximum reward of 300 credits. Next in line is the seashell, which gives you 200 credits if you spin it 5 times. The jumping dolphin is also present in the game. This animal gives you a top reward of 150 coins.

Furthermore, what would an ocean themed game be without the presence of a seahorse? This peculiar little marine animal also hands out a reward of 150 coins. Then there is the purple colored starfish, which is able to give you 100 credits in return for 5 hits on the reels. The sea turtle is also good for a reward of 100 reels if you hit it 5 times. Lastly, the lowest paying rewards of 50 credits are being given away by either 5 sea crabs or 5 lobsters.

Meet the Mermaids and Claim Your Casino Profits

If you've always wanted to meet the beautiful and elusive girls from the sea, then this is your chance when you decide to play Mermaid's Quest Slots. While playing, you will not only be in the good company of those mermaids, but you will also surround yourself with great winning opportunities. That is, if you like to play and wager at this slot title for cash.

If you feel like you're up to a few fun games that do not bring along the trills of real money bets, then you can opt for a few fun test runs in the free version of this online slot title. Mermaid's Quest Slots can be played for real money on WGS powered casinos, and you can play it for fun on many game review websites.