Money Shot

Do you like to see some extra supportive elements when you make your slot game winnings? Then it is time to play Money Shot Slots, because there are not many games that can motivate you as much as this casino entertainment option. It provides cheering fans and cheerleaders, luck enhancing mascots and scoreboards that display your latest triumphs.

Money Shot Slots is a Wager Gaming Technology (WGS) creation that offers you money making handles in the form of 5 reels and 20 win lines. It also offers you free spins, scatter wins, a bonus feature and a wild icon. You will make your winning combinations with symbols that all have a basketball theme element. Thus, this game combines the excitement of winning cash prizes and the fun of playing basketball, and gives you Money Shot Slots as an end result.

Wager and Win

You shoot, you score, or better, you wager, you win. The higher the wager, the more you will win. Choose between the following coin denominations to determine the height of a bet: $0.01, $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1, $5 and $10. If you place a $10 bet on 20 activated win lines, your total bet will be $200, and that can result in a big hit if you're lucky on the reels.

Throw the Basketball in the Hoop to Win the Top Prize

Throw the basketball in the hoop to win amazing rewards with this game. The slot's top prize is being handed out if you collect 5 wild symbols. This wild symbol is a picture of players who look at a basketball that balances on the rim. Will it drop through the ring and deliver you a score, or will it be an unfortunate miss? You better pray it is a score, because the previously mentioned top prize is no joke. No less than 10.000 credits are being rewarded to you for a 5 wild hit.

Furthermore, besides its task as provider of the jackpot prize, this wild also performs its regular duty as a substitute icon. In combinations, it counts as any game attribute that is not a bonus or scatter icon. Also, your wins are generously doubled when at least one wild joins the combination of symbols.

Basketballs Are Your Ticket to the Bonus Round

In this game, the bonus symbol is a basketball logo. This basketball will show up on reels two and four. When you hit it on both of these reels, you score a ticket to the bonus round. In this round, you receive multiplier rewards on top of wins. The number of win lines that cross through a winning symbol combination determine how high your multiplier will be.

The Scoreboard Reveals Free Spins and Multipliers

The scoreboard is your free spins and win multiplier rewarding scatter icon. The multiplier reward that you will receive, is determined by the amount of scoreboards that you manage to place on the reels. The fun starts with two scoreboards, because then you receive a reward that equals 2 times your total bet.

However, it gets really interesting when you spin 3 scatters on the reels, because then you receive a 5 times your total bet reward plus free 15 spins. You also receive 15 free spins, plus a 50 times your full bet multiplier, when you spin the scatter 4 times. Lastly, there is the high score with a 5 times scatter hit, because then your total wager will be multiplied by 500, and you also receive the 15 complimentary spins. These free spins sessions let you earn even more multiplier rewards, because every (bonus) win is tripled when they are active. Also, you can obtain even more no charge games during the free spins sessions.

Make Amazing Scores With Your Symbol Combinations

Basketball is a rather unusual theme for a slot title, and that means you can make symbol combinations with a variety of unique game symbols. Besides the wild top prize of 10.000 coins, you can count on the cheerleaders to give you a high prize as well. The more pretty cheerleaders you place on the screen, the higher your prize will be. A top hit of 5 will grant a top prize of 500 coins.

The mascot is another supportive icon in this game. Not only will it support you during the match, but also with your wins. 5 mascots are good for a total prize of 400 credits. The jersey will also hand you a big reward, which is determined at 200 credits for 5 hits. Furthermore, no basketball player can perform without its shoes and neither can you. The sneakers are good for a maximum prize of 150 credits. The basketball court is also an important factor during a match and during your spinning sessions. Land it 5 times on the reels and receive a 125 coin reward.

Also, the more fans to cheer you on, the better, and not only for your motivation. 5 fan icons are good for your wallet, because they come with a top prize of 100 coins. Next in line are the basketballs with a maximum prize of 75 coins, and 5 whistles are good for the lowest reward of 50 credits.

Make the Crowds Go Wild With Your Spinning Tricks

Now that you know what there is at stake when you play Money Shot Slots from Wager Gaming Technology, it is time to take a trip to the a WGS powered stadium where epic matches are waiting to be played. Once in the stadium, you will show your skills while the crowds will cheer and go wild when you perform amazing tricks on the slot reels. It is up to you to decide what kind of match it is going to be. Will you give the fans a fun and free show, or will they crawl to the edge of their seat when they see you make amazing scores in order to win extraordinary cash prizes?