Pinata Fiesta

Are you ready for a classic, Mexican party themed slot experience? Then locate Piñata Fiesta slots in your favorite Wager Gaming Technology (WGS) powered gambling platform and start to hit fun symbols, like the sombrero (wild) and the chili, on the slot reels. This game has only one pay-line that crosses a total of three reels so things will not get complicated once you hit the spin button. Furthermore, despite its classic game set-up, this online slot machine does have a nice bonus feature and a fine jackpot prize incorporated in it. Thus, those are all the more reasons to get this entertaining piñata fiesta started.

How to Get This Slot Reel Party Started

Before the slot reel party begins, you have to make some betting preparations. Since this is a classic slot machine, those preparations are fairly easy and straightforward. On the screen, you will find only a small number of game adjustment buttons. First of all, make sure that you hit the arrow keys on the bottom right of the screen to determine your preferred bet value. Before you click on the spin button, you can also hit the bet max key to go all in with your wager.

Lastly, it is also very important that you decide at forehand how many coins need to be active during a spin. 3 coin bets can provide the most valuable results as they give you the opportunity to win the wild jackpot prize of 2400 coins. But even if you play with a lesser number of credits, the rewards will still be generous. The highest prize for a 2 coin bet is 1600 and the highest reward for a 1 coin bet is 800. In order to win the finest rewards, you need to make combinations with three similar slot reel attributes. However, you can also claim lower paying credit gifts if you mix up certain symbols on the available pay-line. Besides non-feature symbols, there are also two special feature symbols in this game.

Place the Sombrero Wild Icon on Your Game Screen

In this game, the wild feature action comes from a sombrero icon that needs to be placed three times on the screen in order for it to become really beneficial. Once this happens during a 3 coin bet, you will take claim of the 2400 jackpot prize. Furthermore, the sombrero also shows its use when it is part of a winning slot symbol combination. Place the wild in your combination and see how the win is doubled. Things become even better when there are two wilds present in a winning combination. If such a lucky occurrence takes place, you will benefit from a four times win multiplier reward.

The Bonus Feature Is a Special Treat

This classic game holds a special treat, which is given to you in the form of a bonus round. This feature comes in to play when you bet with 3 coins and hit the bonus symbol on the screen. When the bonus becomes active, you will see a second screen, in which three characters and a piñata are placed. With the help of these characters, you're going to hit the piñata in the hope that it breaks and rewards you royally.

There Is No Party Like a Piñata Party

There is no party like a piñata party, and you are the lucky player who is invited to take part in all the festivities. With a bit of luck, this game will burst open like a real piñata and shower you with treats. And in this case, those treats will not be candies but sweet golden coins. Collect as many of them as possible and make your spinning sessions a big success. Then you will have all the more reasons to party extra hard.

Piñata Fiesta Slots can be found on various WGS driven casino platforms that are present on the net. Surf to these casinos right away, and then start the celebrations. And remember that you're even aloud to party when you don't bring any money to the table. This game can be played as a free test version. Use this version to have some fun or play to practice and learn. Piñata Fiesta Slots is here to stay, so will you always have another opportunity to hit the reels with real cash once you feel that it is time to raise the stakes.