Birds of Paradise Slots

Birds of Paradise slots is a new slot game that, as you have probably guessed, is made with bird lovers in mind. Coming complete with beautiful avian graphics that just seem to fly off from the 5 reels and 25 pay lines really, this slot game certainly has got fans talking. While the chatter among the players is bright, some questions are still swirling around with regards to the game's overall ability to live up to the hype. Taking a more in-depth look at Birds of Paradise slots, we think this WGS release is the real deal and here is why.

Birds of a Feather

Birds of Paradise slots features a tropical tree theme, with symbols to match, including birds, binoculars, and nests. Among the new and exciting game symbols, you can expect to find the following, the Ace, a pair of Binoculars, some tree Branches, the Jack, the King, a Nest, the number Nine, an Orange Bird, the Queen, the Ten, a bright Toucan, and a Yellow Bird. The other engaging symbols are letters of the alphabet that seem to be made out of tropical bamboo. Adding to that, all the vibrant background music behind the game, which is a relaxing tune, it really does work to pull you in. Theme-wise, this slot game is sure to surprise more than a few people, as it proves to be rather engaging and all-encompassing.

Flock Together with Bet Options

The slot game has a standard layout of 5-reel and 25 pay lines. The various coin sizes include all the following, $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1, and the max coin value is $5. There is a maximum bet limit of $125 per spin. Looking at the massive potential of Birds of Paradise slots, it appears that this game comes with a high maximum jackpot of 10,000 coins, while the bets can be made between 1 to 25 coins, that can be worth between $0.01 and $5 per coin. This game is an excellent choice if you are looking to play a penny slot and on the other hand, general high rollers, thanks to the betting range of between just one penny and a very high limit of $125. You can realistically win the 10,000 coins maximum game payout by creating a pay line containing five wild Orange Build icons. The scatter symbol slots in behind those mentioned above in the jackpot stakes, offering the second highest payout in the game.

Breaking Down the Symbols

Breaking down the game symbols on show in more detail, you will find that Birds of Paradise slots features no less than ten different options, with all related payouts ranging from 5 coins up to the maximum 10,000 coins. The slot game features the traditional playing card symbols of 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King. And Ace too. These game symbols are split into three pay brackets with 9 and 10 having the same payout, along with Jack and Queen having the same payout and King and Ace also featuring the same payout. You should note that although two symbols may have the same payout, you cannot substitute one symbol for the other. You will still need to line up three symbols from left or right in order to win unless you happen to land a wild game symbol to complete a winning combination.

Bonuses & Free Spins

Birds of Paradise also features a scatter, which is the symbol with eggs in a nest on it. With the scatter game symbol you won't need to line them all up to win a prize. As long as two or more of those powerful scatter symbols appear anywhere upon the screen, you will gain a prize. If you happen to be that lucky enough to land three or more scatter symbols, you will then be transported to the free spin bonus. This is over and above the initial payout that will come with landing such. The free spins games use the same amount of paylines and the same bet as the spin from which they were triggered. When you earn the bonus, you are then treated to 20 free spins. To make things even better, any prizes you win will be doubled during the free spins bonus round. As such the total jackpot becomes a huge 20,000 coins and the payout prize for getting all five scatter game symbols goes from 100x your triggering bet to 200x. Keeping that in mind, there is a lot of money that can be won during the free spins when you play Birds of Paradise slots. Another good thing about the free spins in Birds of Paradise slots is that you have the chance to re-trigger your free spins. That means that if you manage to score more scatter game symbols, you can realistically win even more free spins actually during a free turn. You get another 20 free spins all with a 2x multiplier, which leaves you with a pretty high payout. There are no limits to re-triggering the free spins so you can play for free for quite some time and potentially win quite a lot of money before your luck runs out if it ever does!

Birds of Paradise Marvel

There is quite a lot of fun to be had playing Birds of Paradise slots as the game really brings plenty to the table, and there is no excuse for not getting some of the action. Take a trip to the beautiful and exotic land of this slot game, and the next time you head down to your favourite online casino, the odds are that you will not be left disappointed when you spin the magic reels.