Royal Carribean Slots

Looking for some relaxing time in a luxurious cruise? With Royal Caribbean slots you will get the chance to feel a real VIP on one of the best cruise which is not only fun and colourful but also full of opportunities and excitement. Royal Caribbean by WGS is a classic slot with stunning design and thematic symbols that will pass you the spirit of the sea and ocean and will take you to the cruise as a king. Enjoy some top class effects and tasteful design of the game while hitting some real jackpots on the way! You can play this game in no download format so you don't need to install any special software. The game is super easy to play and has some basic but useful features for you to enjoy! It is classic game that has simple rules and sufficiently considerable top jackpot of $16,000 you can hit. You are going to enjoy the classy atmosphere, colourful graphics, amazing sound effects and generous payouts. So get into the holiday mood and start your cruise of opportunities!

Symbols and Gameplay

Royal Caribbean is a simple to play slot giving you wins each time you land your winning combinations on the pay line.

Royal Caribbean is a classic 3 reel, 1 payline slot with amazing Jackpots for you to hit! You can bet 1, 2 or 3 coins with the maximum possible jackpot payout of 1600 coins! You can bet from $0.1 to $10 which will make the maximum bet amount of $30 per spin. You may want to go for it if you wish to hit the top Jackpot! You will still get the opportunity to hit smaller Jackpots in case you play 1 or 2 coins. Just keep in mind that they should be of a maximum value as well.

The key symbols of Royal Caribbean include Dancing Jesters, Horsemen, Hands, Traditional Kings, or Jesters. When you land 3 of any symbols you form your winning combinations. If you get 3 Kings you hit the Jackpot! In addition each time you land a King on the pay line you get a prize- so keep an eye on your favorite symbol. There is no wild symbol in Royal Caribbean and if you have more than 1 winning combination on your pay line, you receive the highest combination payout!


As a classic slot all the features are as basic as possible here with no extra bonuses or free spins. There are however some nice and useful features offered at Royal Caribbean such as Auto Play. This can be especially convenient for you if you want to set the number of spins and bet amounts far in advance and watch the magic happening for you. You can select up to 500 spins in advance which can be easily cancelled any point you may wish. In addition there is the Stop Spin option which will let you manually stop the reels instead of waiting for them to stop spinning themselves. You have also the option of Bet Max which will automatically set your bet amount to the maximum.


If you are aiming on the crazy Jackpots of Royal Caribbean you will need to play your maximum bet which promises these amazing wins:

⎯ TOP Jackpot of 1,600 coins or $16,000 for 3 Kings if you bet 3 coins per line ⎯ 2nd Jackpot of 1,000 coins or $10,000 for 3 Kings if you bet 2 coins per line ⎯ 3rd Jackpot of 400 coins or $4,000 for 3 Kings, if you bet 1 coin per line