Solomons Mines

Gamblers love to embark on a path full of adventures during their bet and game play experiences. Online slot machine producers like to be the creators of exciting game environments that evoke such adventures. In a quest to deliver the best experiences, they often draw inspiration from fictional stories.

When you play Solomons Mines Slots from Wager Gaming Technology (WGS), a great adventure spreads itself out on the screen. You will have the opportunity to step into Allan Quatermain's shoes, and go on a quest through the African landscapes. It is your goal to locate the fabled mines and the many great treasures that are buried within them. Will you succeed and find your fortunes? It is about time to find out.

In this online slot title, you will wager your coins on a total of five slot reels. Set these reels in motion and you will have a flexible betting experience during every spin. From great slot title perks and alluring rewards to noteworthy visuals and easy to understand game play elements, there is enough to get excited about when you spin the reels of Solomons Mines Slots. Read on an learn a bit more about the money making secrets of this slot title, so that you will be extra prepared when the quest for great fortunes starts.

The Beginning of a Great Gambling Adventure

When this game appears on your screen, it becomes clear that its developers drew their inspiration from H. Rider Haggard's classic novel. They developed a game around the story and added a few modern twists to make it extra appealing for online slot gamblers. It is a cartoonish looking game in terms of visuals, and that sure adds an extra element of fun to the whole experience.

On the background of the game screen, you will see a dense jungle. Additionally, the opening to the mines is also displayed on that same background. What great fortunes lay inside of these mines? It sure is alluring to step inside and see for yourself what there is to gain when you give in to the irresistible call of adventure. The biggest part of the game screen is, of course, occupied by the five slot reels. Together with the colorful symbols on these reels, and a background that speaks to the imagination, it is safe to say that this slot title has a pleasant and appealing look that does not distract.

As a gambling and adventure lover, you will feel thrilled when you put your mouse on the spin button. What is about to happen when you make that click and launch the reels into action? One thing is for sure, it might be a thrilling and adventurous experience, but you won't have to worry about it being a complicated one. The spin button and the other game adjustment elements on the reels are all very straightforward, and you will have little difficulties in trying to use or understand them.

Put Your Credits at Risk Instead of Your Life

This game boasts 5 slot reels with 3 rows and it has a total of 25 pay-lines. The thrilling adventure safely takes place on these reels and pay-lines so that you only have to risk your credits instead of your life. Bets can be made with as little as $0.01 to as high as $10.00. On the slot title's command bar, you will find all the required adjustment buttons, which let you make decisions about the game in only a couple of clicks. For extra convenience during the spinning sessions, you can make use of the auto play and bet max functions. Also click on the pay table button, because it will take you to an overview that neatly displays all the winning opportunities and game rules.

The Symbols That You Will Find During Your Quest

When you take a peek at the pay table, you will see that the skeleton of an earlier, unfortunate explorer will actually be very fortunate for you, because it hands out the highest prize if you manage to place it on the reels in a quantity of five. A satchel full of tools and maps also pays out a good top prize of 1000 credits. Golden coins and red jewels are good for a maximum prize of 500 credits.

The remaining symbols are high card game icons that are bundled together in terms of rewards. They give away nice amounts of coins when you spin them on the reels. 5 A's and K's are matched to a top prize of 200 credits. The Q or the J icon needs to be spun 5 times in order to release the reward of 150 credits. Lastly, you can try to spin 5 10's or 9's in order to claim a 100 credits reward.

Additionally, you will also find two special symbols on the reels. The first one is the journal scatter icon, which is able to launch the Solomon's Mine bonus feature when you spin it at least three times on the reels. Great prizes and multipliers can be won during this exciting bonus round. A wild attribute is the second special symbol in the game. In this slot title, it comes in the form of a girl who is called Penelope. The wild attribute is able to replace other symbols so that you can successfully form winning combinations. However, keep in mind that the wild only shows up on reels two, three and four.

Enter the Mines and Claim Your Fortunes

Solomons Mines Slots is a thrill ride that turns gambling for money into a great adventure. In order to claim big fortunes, you have to enjoy the game on a WGS powered casino platform that lets you play for real cash. Additionally, if you do not yet feel comfortable playing for real money, you can also have a few test runs in a free mode version of the game.