Sumo Slots

The Asian country of Japan holds many ancient cultural traditions that are embedded into the hearts and minds of its citizens. Sumo wrestling is one of those honored cultural traditions. Sumo wrestlers are highly respected members of the Japanese society. These traditional Japanese wrestlers now have their very own slot machine game that might be able to take its place in your heart and mind if you give it a try. This great supplier of spinning, gambling and sumo wrestling action is developed by Wager Gaming Technology (WGS), and it carries the name Sumo Slots. This game lets you spin a total of five reels, and it lets you place symbols on a maximum of 25 pay-lines. On top of that, you get to play it sumo-style with scatters, wilds and a bonus feature.

Wager Your Way to Sumo Profits

You can wager you way to profits with various bet values. These values can range from the lowest amount of $0.01 to the highest amount of $5.00 per active pay-line. So with 25 available lines, you can make a maximum bet of $125.00 during every spin. This makes it a great game for if you're playing on a low budget, but also for if you like to play with high stakes.

Spin Japanese Cultural Symbols on the Reels

To the game theme related symbols start to take their position on the reels once they start to spin. In order for these symbols to form winning combinations, they need to be lined up in a left to right position. Scatters are the only exception as they can be placed on any reel position. The symbols on the reels are divided into two categories, which are the non-feature icons and the special feature icons like the wild and the scatter. Most of the available symbols depict important elements of the Japanese culture.

Collect Non-Feature Cultural Icons From Japan and Claim Your Wins

There are a total of ten non-feature symbols that you can spin on the reels from this game, and they hand out various payouts. The highest non-feature symbol win is being granted to you by the equally high respect Japanese Geisha. You want to see her in a quantity of 5, because then she will hand you a top payout of 1000 credits. The second highest payout is matched to another highly respect figure in the old Japanese culture. This figure is the samurai, and he can reward you with a maximum prize of 300 coins. The next reward on the pay table is shared by two items. These two items are the prayer wheel and a wind spinner. Both of these icons come with a top prize of 250 credits.

The rest of the symbols on the pay table are card game icons. The highest paying ones are the A and the K, which both pay a high prize of 200 credits. Next in line are the Q and the J. Hit them on the reels 5 times and claim a reward of 150 credits. Lastly, the 10 and the 9 are the lowest paying items. They both give you a reward of 100 credits for 5 simultaneous slot reel hits.

You have to make combinations with all of these symbols, and there are fixed payouts for every slot symbol combination. These payouts are displayed on the pay table screen. Click on the pay table button on the game screen if you want to have a look at that screen. The pay table also explains some of the rules that apply to the game.

Step Into the Slot Machine Wrestling Ring to Collect Special Feature Items

The sumo wrestler is a special person in the Japanese society, but he is also a special symbol in this game. This Japanese wrestler takes on the role of the wild. Special perks are connected to this wild. This is especially the case if you manage to hit it 5 times on the reels. If such a lucky spin occurs, you will be the winner of a great jackpot prize of no less than 5000 coins. Furthermore, 4 sumo hits are also a reason for you to cheer, because then a 1000 credit reward will be handed out.

Besides its function as the jackpot supplier, the wild is of course also your substitute icon. This means that it can replace any symbol in your combination, as long as that icon is not a scattered trophy. Use this option to complete your combinations and earn your most profitable slot reel wins.

A trophy icon is the second special feature logo in this online slot machine game. In order to benefit fully from it, you need to spin at least 3 of these trophies on the reels. The special trophy feature will then become active. In it, you need to make your lucky picks at a selection of nine trophies. Each pick can result in a lucrative payout.

Take a Lucrative Spinning Trip to the Land of the Rising Sun

Are you ready to take a lucrative spinning trip to the ancient land of the rising sun? Then it is time to visit your favorite Wager Gaming Technology powered casino and its game collection. Although Sumo Slots might be a wrestling game, you don't have to wrestle all that much to get a hand on the game controls to seal you winnings. This is a straightforward game that will provide a lot of fun, and it will also teach you a couple of things about the Japanese culture. So make yourself ready to travel to the land of the rising sun in order to claim your winnings. That is, if you like to play this game with real money wagers. If you're just in the game for the fun or if you like to play some practice sessions, then it is also possible to play Sumo Slots for free in various WGS driven casinos on the net.