Vampire Vixen Slots

Are you ready for fright night? Vampire Vixen slots promises to give you a thrilling bout of casino wagering action with all its glory, glory horror theme and a massive 40,000 credit jackpot bonanza. The 5-reel slot game was released by WGS software has 25 active pay lines with which to line up winning sequences, but the exciting action is found when you trigger the bonus free games feature, offering you the chance to take home double wins.

Dare to enter the Vampire Vixen's Lair

This WGS slot taps into every man's worst nightmare - bloodsucking goth chicks! Vampire Vixen slots bring that fear to the fore with its creepy narrative involving a raging vampire succubus and a really helpless, cowering jock who probably just forgot to put the toilet seat down or something. We may be jesting, but the game does have certain silliness to it, whether that is intentional or not. The reason we mention this is that the slot machine doesn't have the most realistic or convincing of graphics, giving it an old comic book atmospheric feel with a teen horror movie twist. Nonetheless, the game can not really be faltered for not including all of the boring staple props of a good horror movie, complete with broken mirrors, vials of red blood, a haunted house full of ghosts, and a mystical white wolf.

Symbols of Evil Fortune

Perhaps one of the reasons that this slot doesn't quite deliver when it comes to scaring us is that it features a wide variety of bright, lively and colourful high-value playing card symbols. A full list of the game icons is here, Ace, Blood, Broken Mirror, House, Jack, King, Nine, Queen, Scared Man, Ten, Vixen and the Wolf. These vibrant game icons do detract a little bit from the overall chilling aspect of the slot game, and they do come in rather handy by offering you some modest wins to keep the betting balances afloat and in the black. You can see all the potential winning sequences with their respective pay line bet multipliers and values in the paytable.

Wagering Horror Dream

You can effectively choose to play with anywhere between 1 pay line and all 25 of them, with bet per pay line options that are ranging from $0.01 to $10. You have the unique opportunity of betting on all 25 pay lines that are active, using up to $250 per spin. With bets that get as high as the one with this game provide top jackpots worth a considerable amount, with as much as $1,000,000 up for grabs. That is somewhat dwarfed by the rather minor jackpot potential of 40,000 coins should high rollers land five Vixen icons in a row, but it is still a considerable sum!.

Vampire Double Vixen

The Vampire Vixen slots game may be a frightful sight, yet she is actually quite a rewarding and powerful game symbol. That is due to the fact that the titular character of this slot game also acts as the wild icon which can complete prize winning sequences by replacing standard symbols. Whenever that happens, the payout prize awarded will be doubled in value which makes us wonder how generous she can be when she's not in a dirty, rotten mood! There is yet another way to find double amount wins with this slot game yet; first, you will need to see three or more of the haunted house scatter symbols on your reels. That will not only award you with a total bet prize worth as much as 100x your wager, but it will activate an additional 10 free spins and, you guessed it, all your wins during this bonus round will be doubled for good measure. What's more, any randomly selected symbols can transform into the wild Vixen icon for some extra chances to bag a massive winner. There is double the chance to win second prizes with a standard, yet rewarding wild symbol and a round of free spins. It gives you great awards of up to $1,000,000, and as for its unique features, you will find a wild, a scatter and free spins. This slot game looks just like an entertaining game, with the hero being the sexy vampire girl who is looking for a hot-blooded, bloodmeal. The slot game offers a grim look at the world where all the action takes place, with a muted and dark background image filled with skulls and flying bats.

Theme & Horror Movie Backdrop

The game logo looks really good as well, with two cherubim statuettes which have blood pouring from their eyes. The reels are a bit of a letdown though, as they are all white and not really fitting with the rest of the style or design at all. The gaming symbols which land on the reels are perfect for the most part, at least with the theme related images. The central icon of the game is most certainly the sexy vixen, a beautiful brunette with dark, black lips and a drop of blood dripping down her white chin.

Horror Features

An adorable sight, I am sure you will all agree, and a gaming symbol that has two great features. The first one is the high payout offered for winning combinations of symbols landing on the same winning pay line. You can win the top jackpot that way, by landing five vixens taking over a pay line entirely. The second distinctive feature is the wild ability of that symbol, which means it can replace the other game icons and in the long run you will have more and better combinations being formed. The house symbol is the scatter of the game, and it can award you with free spins and also give you cash prizes. The payout prizes require the presence of at least two symbols, while the Free Spins need at least three of them. While the design and style are a little lacking in a few areas, overall this is an excellent slot game for someone that can enjoy a good vampire movie flick and hopefully the source of a massive payout prize as well.