Funny Moolah Slots

Funny Moolah slots is an amusing take on the Mafia criminal syndicate. There are 25 pay lines along with five reels where the wagering takes place. There are fantastic casino features along with some hot bonuses and other goodies designed to increase your excitement and provide you with more winning chances. The symbols are typical 'cops and robbers' ones and blend well with the overall criminally influenced theme. The slot game creates an atmospheric and an immersive feel, and the slot is full of energy. There are bundles of cash around everywhere, seemingly just waiting to be claimed by a lucky player or two. Funny Moolah slots incorporates a great gamble feature, some wilds, a few free spins bonuses, scattered wins, and a Bonus Boss Man feature. The stakes are high, and the maximum bet rises up to $50 a spin! Mishandle that dirty money, and the Mafia will be hot on your trail, with the cops very close behind. Be very careful while wagering! Let's see what Funny Moolah is like.

Underworld Betting

Funny Moolah slots gives you a reasonable range of betting options. The 5-reels along with 25 pay lines are where all the wagering is done. The coin values add to all the variety. Starting from a minuscule 1 cent per coin, rising bit by bit to a top coin value of $2, novices can enjoy the 1 cent minimum bet, while high rollers can enjoy the $50 upper limit. Although other slot games have higher ceilings, nonetheless, Funny Moolah slots still manages to create an excellent wagering experience with its more modest limit.

Sleeping with the Enemy

Funny Moolah slots is the kind of game that thrills you right from the start. Once you get going and start to get more accustomed to the gameplay and wagering process, you can really start up the betting slowly, while starting out with the minor coin values first to test the waters. Do not try to double cross the slot game or you will be sleeping with the fishes!

Crime Icons

Several original game symbols appear upon the reels while playing Funny Moolah slots. They mingle flawlessly with the theme and add that magic touch of humour and colour to the slot game. The symbols include; a Big Boss, some Food, the Pretty Girl, the Gun, a lot of Dirty Money, the Newspaper, the Nightclub, the Policeman, the Red Car, the Sac, the Safe and a drop of Scotch Whiskey. All the game symbols fit well into the Mafia theme. Scoring all three symbols on the reels will lead to a payout. The symbols all have different values, with the beautiful girl scoring the highest at 5,000 coins and that could be worth a cool $10,000 if the maximum coin value are wagered. If she lands on all five reels that is. Four of them will win you 400 coins, and just three of them will still earn you a modest consolation prize of 40 medals. Scoring all five of the Policeman symbols will pay out 1,000 coins, making that icon the second highest paying symbol of the game. Four of them will earn you 150 coins, and three will gift you 25 coins.

Symbols of Power & Strength

The dominant game icons used in Funny Moolah slots add significant value and great high-value entertainment. The Wild icon is represented by the mischievious Mob Boss symbol, and the Scatter symbol is the Nightclub icon. The Wild icon will replace other standard game symbols when it lands on the reels. It cannot replace the Scatter Nightclub icon, however. On the other hand, the Scatter will herald the start of the bonus round whenever three or more of them appear upon the reels. The Wild Mob Boss will only appear on the second, third and fourth reels.

Free Spins & Gamble Feature

The outstanding Gamble function that the game includes is activated upon landing any winning combinations upon the reels. You will need to click upon the Gamble button should you choose to use this great option. Scoring three of the Nightclub Scatters will activate the free spins bonus round proper. You will automatically receive many free spins, depending on how many Scatters land on the reels.

Funny Moolah Mobile

Funny Moolah slots has an efficient and stylish mobile version of the game. Many more players choose a mobile device as their first choice to wager and play online casino games. Funny Moolah has a streamlined and a fully optimised mobile version of a fun game that works very smoothly on all of the modern day tablets and smartphones on the market, whether iOS, Android or Windows devices. Moreover, the slot game may be downloaded to your mobile device, your PC or your laptop. Another option is to play the slot using Instant Play, with no waiting or downloading necessary.

Moolah's Conclusion

Funny Moolah is a top slot game which will pay out pretty frequently. The wagering process is awe-inspiring, and the overall theme mixes very well within it. The game symbols fit right into the majestic scene beautifully to recreate a cinematic quality game with great qualities. The game may be enjoyed by all kinds of players, increasing its appeal and its popularity too. The free spins are a useful and enjoyable addition, and the daring Gamble Feature is superb and creates additional chances to double your winnings if you dare to use it. The mobile version of the game really stands proudly aside the PC version. Funny Moolah should be tried out now. It is a lot better than most of the other similarly themed slots out there online. It successfully blends Mafia with humour and incorporates excellent gambling options to suit all players. Try out Funny Moolah slots and win and enjoy the fabulous mixture of crime and gaming in bliss!