Million Dollar Rally Slots

Million Dollar Rally slots is an excellent new casino game with a racing theme and loads of high-level casino fun. Winning the great race means everything. First place will gain you the jackpot of 10,000 coins! With a typical five reels and five pay lines to boot, the game offers high thrills and red-hot gambling action. With amazing and vibrant graphics, impressive sound and a whole lot more, Million Dollar Rally slots is a premium gaming experience with all the casino trimmings. You will discover several cool features, such as the Stop Spin function, and the fantastic 29 different ways to win.

Objectives of the Game

Million Dollar Rally offers much more than the average 5-Reel slot experience. Million Dollar Rally slots does not obfuscate the casino action by overpowering it with too many thematics and atmospherics. There are no Wild icons, no Scatter symbols, and no bonus rounds. The story is that Million Dollar Rally slots pays out more frequently than many of its counterparts. And it can pay out really well!

Classic Car Icons of Play

Million Dollar Rally slots has a few new game symbols that appear on the reels. Symbols include; the Checkered Flags, Checkered Red Sevens, some red Cherries, precious Trophy's, Dollar Bills, Race Car Wheels and Rally Race Cars in various colours. They are in sync with Million Dollar Rally slots. Certain combinations symbols lead to healthy payouts. The symbols are very well designed and appropriate for the game, they really fit in beautifully with the atmospheric and immersive theme that envelopes the gameplay and wagering nicely.

Options for Wagering

Betting begins at $0.01 and rises to $10 per line and per spin. Since there are five pay lines, then the maximum bet amount in money terms is a high $50 per turn. This wide choice of betting options starting from a minuscule one cent, to a rather high $50 per spin, making this slot game suitable for both high rollers as well as novices. There is the useful AutoPlay function, which will allow you to set many auto spins, which is quite useful, especially if you happen to be betting minimum amounts. On the other hand, the maximum gambling amounts will attract higher wins and increase the probabilities of a large payout.

29 Winning Ways

When you hit any winning combination and payout, the screen and the race track will light up to signal your incredible victory. The music complements the racing theme like a hand in glove. The slot game really benefits from the incidental and atmospheric sound effects. Furthermore, the graphics are exceptional. Playing Million Dollar Rally slots is a smooth and pleasurable gaming experience without a shadow of a doubt. The 29 beautiful ways to win certainly adds value to players.

Jackpots & Payout Values

Million Dollar Rally slots has more than one jackpot to challenge for. If you land five of the Trophy symbols on the reels, you will win a payout of 10,000! Besides that, five Money icons will earn you 5,000 coins. Five Blue Rally Cards award 2,500 medals. The minor jackpots can be won by getting five of the Race Car Tires symbols appearing on a pay line. You will earn 200 if you land five Checkered Flag symbols. The game can easily be controlled by using the on-screen buttons that allow you to set the wagers, customise play and regulate the speed. The buttons are located conveniently on the screen for easy and instant access. Use them well!

Mobile Rally

The mobile game is a fully optimised and streamlined affair full of great qualities, clear and bright graphics along with adequate sound for atmosphere. The slot game can be played on any mobile device of note, and it is compatible with the latest operating systems. It loads up quickly and you can play using the convenient Instant Play mode which requires minimal waiting time. You can choose to play the game in its downloadable form. Whichever option you select, the result will be the same as the desktop version with the added advantage of playing anywhere and at any time as long as there is a decent WiFi connection.


Million Dollar Rally slots is a slick and highly entertaining game. All your game wins will be multiplied by the coin sizes, so the higher the amount you bet, the more lucrative the payout you will receive. Million Dollar Rally slots offers an excellent hunting ground; which is the rally race. You can win great payouts, especially when betting wisely. The game ticks all the right boxes. The symbols and theme do the game justice, and the range of betting options are admirable and useful, as both novices and high rollers can enjoy this slot game to the full. The mobile version can stand its own ground against any other out there and has a rather well-designed look about it. Try the race out for yourself and see what it is like. The slot game is an excellent example of a premium casino slot game. Taste the sweet smell of the success it can provide you with, which comes by playing the Million Dollar Rally slots.