Monte Magic

It is time for some real magic, so grab your hat, your bunny and your magic stick and get ready to give a great show on the reals of Monte Magic Slots. And remember, magic is able to challenge the normal reality, so you might become very surprised when larger than life cash prizes suddenly start to pop out of the hat of this exciting Wager Gaming Technology (WGS) slot game. So prepare yourself for some amazing wins that can be won with a swing of the magic stick and a push on the spin button.

A Classic Game That Has a Few Lucrative Surprises up Its Sleeve

Monte Magic Slots has a classic design. This simulator boasts only 3 slot reels with one single pay-line. That makes it a good start-up game for gamblers who have low budgets, or for those new players who just want to start simple. However, the game is attractive enough to also satisfy more experienced players.

Just like a magic themed game should do, this slot title holds a few lucrative surprises up its sleeve, and these surprises are the reason why Magic Monte Slots is also a delight for even the most seasoned players. But besides those surprises, it is of course also the old school style of the game that many nostalgic gamblers will find very appealing.

The Magic Is in Your Symbol Combinations

Since Monte Magic Slots is a small and classic styled game, you will only be able to use a few slot attributes. These symbols are all familiar if you have seen magic shows in the past. Make magic slot symbol combinations with top hats, rabbits, stars and gloves.

In most cases, you will have to line up at least three similar icons next to each other in order to win a prize. However, special attributes like gloves and stars can be successfully mixed with other available symbols. But keep in mind that these mixed symbol combination prizes are small. If you want to make really big profits, then you should place a maximum wager and line up three top hats. If you do so, you will win a great 2400 credit prize. Additionally, the top hat also functions as your wild.

Maximum Bets and Magic Top Hats

When it comes to placing a wager, you are strongly advised to go for the three coin bet. Even though it is the highest number of coins that you can wager, a three coin bet will still not take much of your bank roll, but it has a lot of potential in terms of big winnings. For example, it helps you to collect the previously mentioned top win of no less than 2400 credits.

This win is your reward when you spin just three top hats, but even a smaller number of hats can make you excited. For example, a single top hat will perform its magic as the symbol replacing wild attribute. Use it to form your winnings, and benefit from a doubled prize when the hat is a part of your symbol combination. Things become even better if two top hats show up in your symbol line-up, because then win will even be quadrupled.

Lastly, there is another reason why you should always go for the three coin bet. That reason is the rabbit in a hat icon, which is able to conjure a special surprise for you, because it is a bonus round triggering attribute. However, the bonus feature will only become active if your wager consists of three coins when the bonus logo shows up. During the bonus game, you will be able to claim extra coins.

Pull Those Magic Winnings out of the Casino Hat

Monte Magic Slots is the kind of game that you like to play every day. Luckily, nothing stands in your way of doing that. This exciting online slot machine title is available 24/7 on various WGS powered casino platforms as well as on a lot of casino game review sites that let you play a free version of the game. However, keep in mind that playing for fun is always enjoyable, but that the real magic happens when you start to play for cash prizes.