Pay Day Slots

Online slot machines provide you with the opportunity to make a few extra bucks or even a lot of them. So it was a smart and suitable idea from slot software developer WGS (Wager Gaming Technology) to create a slot game with a theme that revolves around everyone's favorite day of the month, namely the one on which they get paid.

Who doesn't want to get an extra fat salary when that always so much anticipated pay day arrives? That extra salary boost is now possible thanks to the suitably named Pay Day Slots game. With the help of this game, the glorious moment of getting paid for all your efforts can now not only take place on one day of the month but actually on several ones. It all depends on how much you play and how much luck you have while spinning the reels.

There really is not much more to this game them than the simple concept of receiving your pay check, and in this case, you don't receive that check for your regular work efforts, but for your leisure time efforts. After all its, it is fun and exciting to spin the reels of a slot game that can give you lots of money.

There will be no more boring work hours and annoying colleagues. This is a business deal between you and the spinning wheel. Make successful symbol combination deals and you will earn what you deserve, and maybe even a juicy bonus on top of it as well. The good thing is, you don't have to study a lot to understand the art of the slot machine deal with this WSG title, because it is designed as a very straightforward and simple to understand game with a classic setup.

Its visuals are sober and not so inspiring, but you can certainly draw some inspiration from the man who celebrates his successes on the main game screen. There, he hovers above the reels with all his golden coin towers. You have a chance to follow in his glorious footsteps so go ahead and start to collect those paychecks.

A Classic Way to Make Spins and Wins

Pay Day Slots is a typical classic game in terms of visuals. With this game, you can really get the feeling as if you are sitting down behind a slot machine in a real life casino. The main screen looks realistic, and the paytable gives a clear overview of what kind of prizes you can win with this slot. It also shows you the symbol combinations that you need to place on the reels in order to receive those cash rewards. Furthermore, the slot has a basic set of game adjustment buttons, and you can find these square shaped knobs beneath the three available slot reels.

If you have played other classic titles from WSG, then this description of the Pay Day Slots game screen set up might seem familiar to you. This should come as no surprise, because the popular game developer does indeed like to use a standard frame work for its classics. You can however find some hints of originality in the theme of the slot and in the way certain elements from it are colored. On the other hand, if you are not familiar with online classic games, then this particular slot title will provide a fun introduction to the genre.

Dive Into the Spinning Action Right Away

This game has an easy set of rules so you can cut down on the learning time and dive into the spinning action right away. Even if you've never played any online slots before, it will still be fairly easy to get a good understanding of how the game works, and you will find out quickly what you need to do to make the best out of your bets.

First of all, there are only three reels that you need to focus on in this game. Furthermore, you only have to work with one pay-line, which is drawn through the midsections of the reels. You know that you made a symbol combination hit when this win-line crosses it and turns blue. Once such a hit takes place, you can open the pay-table screen and look for the payout amount that is flickering. However, you can also just check how much you've won when you take a look at the 'win' display on the main game screen.

In order to have some kind of influence on the cash rewards that you can win, you need to adjust the bet settings. This is a simple process, and all that you need to do is choose the number of coins that you're willing to play with. You can make a small bet with just one or two coins, or you can go after the biggest prizes with three coin bets.

If you decide to take a bigger risk then also make sure that your coins have a high value. Use the arrow shaped '+' button to increase the coin value to a maximum amount of $10, or use the arrow shaped '-' button to lower the amount until you reach the minimum value of $0.01. Besides these buttons, you can also make your betting sessions more convenient and swift with the 'auto play' button and the 'bet max' function.

It Is Time to Collect Your Paycheck

Now that you've learned the details of this classic slot title, it is time to put the reels to work so that you can start to collect your hard-earned paychecks. These paychecks can be as high as 2500 credits and you can even receive bonus multiplier rewards. Those Pay Day Slots perks are certainly a good incentive to get some serious spinning work done. You might soon be able to pick the fruits of your labor, and then it becomes time to start thinking about what you're actually going to do with all that extra cash.