Amazing 7's Slots

During its existence and its rise to fame within the competitive online slot machine industry, developer Wager Gaming Technology (WGS) has gained a lot of experience and respect. The company earns this respect, because it has always been a strong innovator when it comes to games, and it has been developing a steady stream of quality titles with fun and unique themes.

Amazing 7's Slots is one of those games in the extensive collection from WSG, and this title proves that the software provider is far from finished when it comes to producing high end casino entertainment products. With this game, WSG takes you back to the days when classics slots where all the rage in casinos and pubs. It is a powerful comeback of the classic slot, but the spinning experience will be even better than before, because a couple of very modern elements are thrown into the entertainment mix as well.

Where Old-School Meets Modern

So by now you might be curious what this slot has to offer in terms of entertainment, game play options and cash rewards. In terms of visuals, you will directly see a well-developed mix of modern and classic elements when you open it. For instance, the game lets you play with the modern set up of 5 reels and 25 win-lines. So you will have a lot of opportunities to spin winning symbol combinations on the reels.

Then, when you start delve deeper into the game, you will notice that there are no special features or bonus rounds on offer, which at its turn is a characteristic that this slot shares with many of its old-school predecessors.

So you will not see any special bonuses, but what you do get to see of the game is displayed in very clear, colorful and present-day graphics. These fine graphics might make you forget about the lack of special features. And once you see the amazing jackpot prize, you will most likely fully embrace this game.

It is this unique jackpot that truly makes Amazing 7's Slots shine and which puts it above almost all of its competitors, especially those in the classic game category. Where other games rarely go higher than the 10.000 threshold, this game even multiplies that amount by ten and gives you an incredible top prize of no less than 100.000. That is, if you play with the maximum credit value and the maximum number of win-lines when the triple seven icon forms a five piece combination on the reels. With just one of these combination hits on the reels, you will play yourself into the world of the wealthy. And even when you only manage to place 5 double sevens or single sevens on the reels during a max bet, then you will still be the happy receiver of 10.000 or 5.000 respectively. So all in all, it is needless to say that the good old seven is your lucky number in this generous game. Make sure that you pursue it all costs, because it is your ticket to a wealthy life.

It Is the Jackpot That Counts in This Game

The jackpot prize is waiting for you to come and grab it. And you won't find many distractions during your pursuit to get it. As mentioned before, there will be no special features, so you can fully focus on placing those combinations on the reels in a fast pace.

However, there is another reason that this game can become a favorite if you're in it for the money and not so much for the show. It has great graphics but it does not have very detailed theme related animations and background displays. If you don't mind about that and like to keep your games simple and to the point, then this slot title is certainly a recommended option to try out.

Amazing 7's Slots Is a Game With an Impressive Pay-Table

When you decide to spin the reels of this game, you will see that it is also classic in terms of its symbols. The reel spot are occupied by all-time favorites like the single, double and triple bar icons, but also the bell and the o so delicious cherry. Make sure that you have a peak at the game's pay-table because it will show you a very pleasing overview of the payouts that these symbols give.

They are the low paying icons of the game, but they are still rewarding you with far better rewards than most of the low value symbols in other online slot titles. The lowest payout is given away by a simultaneous, random display of single, double and triple sevens, and even this win is still worth a respectable prize of 200.

Five hit combinations of the triple bar and the cherry are also profitable spins, because you will then win a reward of 500. If you want to win the slot's top rewards, then you always have to make sure that you play with three credits during a spin, and preferably with the highest number of activate win-lines as well.

Start Your Thrilling Hunt for Slot Reel Cash

Amazing 7's Slots has a remarkable jackpot reward that not many other slot games dare to offer to players. Become a member of a WSG powered casino that offers this game, and start your thrilling hunt for the jackpot and the many other rewards that are provided by it. And don't forget to also have some fun as well during the process. However, that won't really be a problem, because no matter if you're an old or a new player, or someone with a big budget or a low budget, this is a suitable game for everyone. And you can even play completely for free if you're not really interested in the possibility of making some extra money, or if you just want to practice a bit before you step into the money making slot reel ring.