Super Soccer

Are you a big fan of soccer games, and do you always try to watch every important match on the televison or in the stadium? Then Wager Gaming Technology (WGS) has a great surprise for you. This profesional game developer has created Super Soccer Slots so that you never have to wait anymore until a match take place in the local completion or during a big tournament. Instead, you get to participate in your own soccer games.

However, these games are not actually played on the soccer field. You will play matches from the comfort of your own home, and they will take place on a game screen that depicts 5 slot reels and 3 rows. There are also 30 available pay-lines, on which winning symbol combinations need to be placed. In order to make your wins, you need to land them on the lines in a left to right set-up.

Play in a Stadium Full of Valuable Slot Reel Symbols

The game screen is your soccer stadium in this sports themed slot title. In that stadium, you will encounter all kinds of familiar soccer elements. The fans will cheer for the team, the referee will blow his whistle, and the player on the field will make his scores. Furthermore, various balls will roll over the field, and card game icons are printed on them. There is also a special wild symbol, which is a display of various flags from teams that compete for the prestigious world cup.

Become the Match winner in Super Soccer Slots

This is your unique opportunity to participate in an international sports event that takes place on your game screen. Take your spins to the soccer field with Super Soccer Slots, and show everyone that you have the skills to become the top scorer and the match winner. Developer Wager Gaming Technology is the driving force behind your soccer game triumphs, and that is an extra reason to compete on the field.

The game producer does not let you down with this soccer world cup themed slot machine, but it is up to you to kick those wins between the goalposts. So start your first match in a WGS powered casino and give your fans a reason to be proud. And remember, before every real match, you have the time to participate in training sessions. If you are in need of such sessions, then you can play Super Soccer Slots completely for free. But remember to make some cash wagers when you're ready to compete for really important prizes.